Sunday, May 31, 2015

Keeping Busy

 Friday was spent quilting on my mom's longarm machine. I am so intimidated by it, but I will not get any better with using it unless I practice. I was actually really happy with how this quilt turned out. I tried to quilt loopy five petal flowers and loops all over the quilt.
 Here are some up close pictures of the quilting.
 I bought a very busy backing in the sale bin at my LQS Memorial Day weekend. I like busy backings because they hide my terrible free motion quilting.
 The label shows one of my flowers pretty well. I am hand binding this now for Slow Sunday Stitching and hope to wash it and share pictures soon. See what everyone is up to here
Now, I want to try this same kind of quilting on another quilt. I am thinking my Sugar Stars UFO would be perfect for this same kind of free motion quilting. This is a Lori Holt pattern where I used all Bonnie and Camille fabrics for the flowers and a navy Kona for the background. I needed a backing.
So, my mom, dad, and I headed up to the discount fabric shop a couple of towns north. I bought some more of the pink and red print on the right. I had bought two yards a week ago planning on using it as the backing for my baby chicks quilt instead I will use the pink and red chevron on the left for the baby chicks backing and the pink and red print as my Sugar Stars backing. The aqua in the middle was a splurge! All of these were in the flat folds for $6 a yard and are Henry Glass fabrics--very nice quality.
Saturday, I got caught up with my blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along. Here is my Churn Dash Block
and my Cool Threads block. These are such fun blocks to make and I am in love with the book.
I have not decided what to do with my vintage sewing box. I found this one on Pinterest and was thinking of something similar in turquoise. I will get some other opinions first before I do anything. 

Our weather has finally gotten better, so I will also take some time to enjoy my book out in the sunshine!


  1. Wonderful projects! What is the name of the book you are using for your quilt-a-long?

  2. You are your harshest critic about your quilting. I think it looks great!!! Keep it up and you will get better and better! =)

  3. Love your sewing box. I just inherited my mom's which she brought with her from Austria. It has edleweiss painted on it and I am so happy I finally am the new owner.

  4. Your quilting looks great! I love the vintage sewing box, it looks wonderful just as it is, nicely preserved, and is more valuable if you don't paint it. Love the glass knobs.

  5. Your quilting looks very professional. Hate to admit it, but I do like the sewing box on Pinterest. But, then, I like it as is, too.

  6. You did very well with your quilting! I love your scrappy sunflowers and the other quilt top as well. The vintage sewing box is a very special keepsake!

  7. Your quilting is wonderful!! Well done! Love the loopy flowers. The quilt looks amazing...the little blocks are lovely too.

  8. Your quilting looks great from here!
    Enjoy your binding!

  9. Love your sunflower quilt. I think your quilting looks great. Your Farmgirl blocks are so fun. Love the fabric choices.

  10. I think you are doing great with your quilting

  11. Your quilting turned out beautifully, Tanya! I think you are far too hard on yourself. We do tend to be our own worst critics. What a gorgeous sunflower quilt!


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