Sunday, December 29, 2013

Slow Stitching Week

My Slow Stitching has not just been limited to Sunday. I have been working on this ABC Baby Quilt all week since I am on winter break.

Yesterday, I stitched all the stars in the border.

I attached binding this morning and will finish it by hand today.

Next up, I will finish the four embroidery blocks for the summer quilt. It is also my last season to go.

I hope to piece the summer blocks tonight and tomorrow into something like this and pin it for hand quilting. I have a couple of more posts planned for this week, but Google + is being very slow to upload my pictures! I also want to set some quilting goals for 2014 and keep track of my finishes on a sidebar...Guess I will have to figure out how to do that, at least I have another week off!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thread Organization

I had my hubby install these thread racks last weekend. I bought three of them for $9.99 each at Joann's. I put them under my perle cotton where they are out of the way, but easily accessible as I am working at my sewing machine...

I am storing the matching bobbins on top with the help of skewer pieces.

I buy my thread from Connecting Threads because it works well in my machine, it is 100% cotton, and it fits my budget. I order a couple of times a year when it is on sale. I have quite the rainbow started.

The cubbies on my sewing machine table were where my thread used to reside, but my quilt tops kept getting hooked on the spools and thread was being dragged all over my sewing room. I wish the drawers were on the left side and the thread cubbies were on the right, it seems like a design flaw!
I worked on the final blocks for this sampler I have been working on all year from the joinedatthehip blog. It will be completely together before December 31st, but probably not quilted.
I put the binding on my scarecrow quilt today and finished the hand work today. I hope to get outside to get some good pictures soon, but with a foot of snow outside, it might be a while! Hopefully, I will get some more time in my sewing room this week.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sewing Snow Day

As I posted yesterday, today was our first snow day in 20+ years. I grew up in southern California where there were not snow days, but we missed school for major wildfires because schools became evacuation centers... I did not get out of my pajamas with 12 inches of snow outside and 10 degrees for most of the day, I was not going anywhere! I was slightly delayed in getting to my sewing room as my teenager did not get up until 10:30am and I did not want to dare waking her up. So, I worked on handwork until the coast was clear.

I have been working on the Shush I'm Doing the ABC BOW challenge. I confess that I got impatient and just decided to finish the blocks and put it all together. The blocks were simple and went together very quickly.

I added the borders last night since I could stay up late knowing I did not have to go to work today. I used scraps for the blocks and the border fabric came from my stash. All the perle cotton I already had on hand. I will also find a backing in my stash, which means the only thing I purchased to make this quilt is the book. I also bought the book for 50% off from Connecting Threads. (Can I tell you how much I love shopping at Connecting Threads? I love their thread, their fabric, and all the books they price so well!!!)

These pictures are not the best because they were taken inside. I will get better ones when it is all quilted!

I was worried about the blue border fabric being too busy, but I like it!

I used brighter fabrics than were shown in the book, but I think they make the quilt more intriguing. I find myself studying the blocks as it hangs in my sewing room.

I plan on hand quilting the fabric surrounding the embroideries with a neutral perle cotton. I think some primitive stars will be cute in the blue border.

If it wasn't so cold in my garage right now, I would get out there and pin it now, but I think I will wait until tomorrow when I get home from work and am not wearing pajamas and it should be warmer.

The puppy block is my favorite and I embroidered in colors the same as our youngest dog and the perpetual puppy (she is over 3 years old now!), Bella. Unlike Bella, this embroidered puppy behaves! I do not have a baby in mind yet for this quilt, but I will just add it to my stock of baby quilts ready to gift.

This afternoon, I also made these Kindle pouches for my niece and nephew for Christmas. They are getting Kindle Fires from their parents and I said I would make these. I also put Kindle gift cards in them.

My elf, the teenager, is wrapping them as I type.Space fabric was requested since I could not find any Harry Potter fabric. I followed Kelly over at My Quilt Infatuation's fabulous tutorial.

I whipped up these blocks this morning. They are the final two blocks for the Country Threads BOM Sampler. I got an email from Country Threads today saying they are working on the putting them all together instructions and hopefully, I will have the top together before January 1st!

I think my first snow day ever was really productive! I also washed all the flannel sheets and remade the beds. Cooked dinner in the crock pot, we are having Swedish meatballs thanks to a recipe from Pinterest. (I cannot believe I actually had all the ingredients on hand!) Plus, I traced some more embroideries to work on tonight as hubby and I watch the Thursday night NFL game on our new 60 inch flat screen (it was a very early Xmas and anniversary present). I hope we get another snow day sooner than the 20+ years since the last one!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Day!

This is what it looks like out my front door this afternoon! We did have school today and it was a treacherous drive in, but the drive home was worse. Before I even made it home, I got a phone call that tomorrow is a snow day! You would think that we get snow days here in Colorado every year and most school districts do, but not ours. There has not been a snow day in over 20 years, so this is a very special occasion. I guess 10 inches today and more expected, plus icy conditions warranted our snow day tomorrow.

You can see my plowed driveway. We have a very large, circlular driveway and my poor hubby spent 3 hours plowing it today. I was able to pull my car straight into the garage where it will remain until I am forced to return to work. I am defrosting some ground meat right now and am planning to make a large pot of chili as my hubby requested for dinner. And of course I will be spending my luxurious snow day in my sewing room and not getting out of my pajamas--I think that's how all quilters should spend a snow day!!!! Stay warm and cozy!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Calendar

Lots of bloggers were sharing the advent calendars they were making in November, so I thought I would share mine. 

I made this advent calendar probably 10+ years ago. It was one of my first wool felt projects.

The design is by Jo Ann Mullaly. I love how it is primitive with some fun embellishments.

The patches each represent a day and you turn them over daily.

I personalized it using our names on the stockings.

I like the variety of patches with Santas, snowmen, trees, angels, and stockings.

I had to shop around for quite awhile to find all the buttons.

I have been really busy with my quilting this weekend and plan on getting outside to take some pictures of my progress.

What are you up to?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Singer Featherweight

This little beauty is my 1961 Singer Featherweight. She was a gift from my mom and dad probably 10 years ago. I have never named her, but definitely consider her my baby. She is the white/mint green.

She is supposed to have a different pedal, but it was changed out to a traditional featherweight pedal before she was mine.

Her case is a little banged up, but solid.

The case's plastic handle has developed a crack, so I no longer use the handle. Does anyone have advice on replacing the handle? The metal piece is riveted, not screwed into the top...Hoping to get some helpful hints. I looked for a leather purse handle at Joann's, but nothing they had would fit...Help!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sewing Saturday

These are the November blocks for joinedatthehip blog BOM. 

I stitched them up today since it was a grey, rainy day here. We only have two more blocks to go and I have managed to make them all from my scraps and stash! It will really be a lovely sampler quilt when it is all done. Now, I am on the lookout for some bargain fabric for the border and binding.

I also made a couple of sets of Christmas coasters for my gift giving.

I am totally caught up on the Shush I'm Quilting ABC BOW. I think the inchworm is a cutie and I loved to play jacks when I was a little girl, so I had a blast stitching them up.

Sunday is supposed to be another rainy cold day, which sounds perfect for quilting. What are you up to?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holiday Preparation

Well everyone has been talking about and preparing for Christmas on Pintrest and in blog land. I usually start my shopping in mid-November, but I realized that my parents are heading to Nevada for Thanksgiving at my sister's house. If I can have all their Xmas stuff ready it will save me the time and money of having to ship stuff. Plus, December is a double whammy for my niece and nephew as they are both December birthdays, so I have to come up with 2 gifts each for them! Let's hear for gift cards, but I also want something concrete for one gift.

I decided to make some place mats for gifts. Aren't they cute? The fabric was part of my inheritance from my sister and this was supposed to be a large quilt, but I tweaked it into place mats. I whipped these out this weekend. I really love the fancy stitch I did in red on the outer edge, it looks like snowflakes. I have not used many of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine, but I really think in this case it helps to define the edge. To save on fabric, I turned the place mats instead of using binding.

I had this green fabric in my stash, so these 6 place mats were made for $0! That is exactly what I can afford. Here was the original pattern.  I have plenty of more fabric to make another set as well as a couple of sets of coasters.

I keep on hand quilting on my scarecrow quilt, but it won't be done in time to hang up this year. Although I am a teacher, we do not get Veteran's Day off. I really could have used a three day weekend to keep sewing, but we had one a couple of weeks ago and we get 3 days off for Thanksgiving. So, I should not be complaining...

Once this is more complete, I will take it outside and get some decent pictures.

I am still ahead on the Shush I'm Quilting ABC BOW, so here is my H block, my cute hammer.
What have you been working on?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

BOM Sampler Blocks

With November upon us, it was time for Country Threads BOM Sampler Blocks. 
This one is 12 inches. They had recommended making them with the same fabric, but with my mission to use up scraps, I opted for similar, but not exact fabrics. The pattern posted on the first of November and I actually made them on the same day/night. Usually on Friday nights, I am exhausted, but as the mom taxi had to do a 10pm drop off and midnight pick up, I headed into my sewing room to stay occupied and these blocks were the outcome.

These blocks are for the joinedathip blog sampler. I made them earlier in the week all from scraps too.

Today I hope to machine applique leaves on my scarecrow embroidery quilt, attach borders on it, and figure out a back. Should I piece one or just go over to Joann's with a trusty coupon and find one that will work?

I also checked out the Bee in My Bonnet Quilt Along, but I think I am going to pass as I have not finished my row along and I would like to get that done and to make some other projects featured in the book instead.

The Temecula Quilt Co. Quilt Along is pretty tempting though because I know it would make a dent in my scraps, but the drawback is it is a mystery and pretty tiny. I have so many UFOs, I really should not start another! What are you up to?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Update

Here is Block G for the ABC BOW at Shush I'm Quilting. I am still ahead on that one, but have been able to show some self-control and not start the girl blocks. I feel very consumed with UFOs and hate to start something else, but of course I did...
Which brings me to the Schnibbles this month, Clover. I had the top done last night and was getting ready to take a picture to submit to Sherri at A Quilting Life when I saw I had one of the pieces turned the wrong way. Yikes! I just used my trusty Clover seam ripper for who the quilt is named and ripped it out and sewed it back in correctly. I love, love, love the fabrics I used in this. I used two Moda Savonnerie charm packs and a very light cream for the background. Now, I think I will be on the lookout for some fabric to add as borders and make this bigger and use it as a tablecloth. My Fiestaware dishes will look fabulous with it.
I pieced my scarecrow quilt together and now just need to applique the fall leaves on. I want to get it quilted up with perle cotton. Hopefully, I will have pictures of the complete top by the weekend.
I am anxiously awaiting Friday's unveiling of the Bee in My Bonnet new quilt along. I also am thinking of starting in on the Temecula Quilt Co. quilt along they are starting on Friday too. Check them both out! Hopefully, for both I will be able to use my stash and avoid buying more fabric especially with Christmas on the way. What are you up to this week?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilty Fun Arrived!

I am so excited to have received Lori Holt's new book! My mom and I ordered it as soon as it was announced. We both made the row along this summer and fell in love with Lori's designs.

This Sewing Machine Cover & Mat Design will be one of the first projects I make from the book. I have a white/minty green Singer Featherweight that I take on retreats, get togethers, and classes.

Last time, I used my Featherweight at a retreat, it really needed something under it to help stabilize it on the table, so this will be perfect. The spools are also pockets to put things in for easy access when sewing.

I really like the navy background for this quilt and how it makes the bright fabrics pop. Add this one to my to do list.

This apple quilt will be must make for my classroom.
Here is my row along I made this summer. I am still undecided about my borders for it, which is why I have not finished it. My mom has hers done, beautifully quilted, and already hanging on her wall. I bought a turquoise for a plain border, but I do like Lori's pieced border. I am not sure I want it to finish that big. I did buy a gorgeous red backing and my mom has offered to quilt it, so I better decide!

I cannot wait for November 1st when Lori Holt will announce the details for her quilt along on her beeinmybonnetblog!