2017 Finishes

Ironing Station January 2017
 Moda Sampler Block Shuffle January 2017
Strawberry Mini Quilt January 2017
Mini Swoon Quilt January 2017
 Heart Mini Quilt February 2017
 Chains of Love Baby Quilt February 2017
 Curved Log Cabin Baby Quilt February 2017
 Salt Box Houses Quilt February 2017
 Medallion Log Cabin Quilt March 2017
 Pencil Pouches March 2017
 Pencil Pouches April 2017
 Town Square Quilt April 2017
 Pineapple Mug Rug April 2017
 Appliqued Tea Towels April 2017
  Appliqued Tea Towels April 2017
  Appliqued Tea Towels April 2017
 Pyramid Baby Quilt April 2017
Sunflower Pig Quilt April 2017
 Graduation Gift Luggage Tags June 2017
 Be A Pineapple Wall Hanging June 2017
 Quilt Berries Wall Hanging June 2017
 Grand Old Flag Quilt June 2017
 Stripes & Stars Pillow July 2017
Grand Old Flag Door Banner July 2017
 Bjorn Bear Pillow July 2017
 Dwight Deer Pillow July 2017
 Flo & Freddie Flamingo Wall Hanging July 2017
 Pineapple Pillow July 2017
 Y'All Pillow July 2017
 Reading Pillow August 2017
 Quilty Fun Sampler September 2017
 Classroom Door Banner September 2017
Pumpkin Pillow October 2017
 Mini Charm Chocolates Baby Quilt October 2017
 Xmas Pillow November 2017
Reading Pillow November 2017 (I made 5 more, but did not take pictures!)
 Bug Xmas Pillow December 2017
 Xmas Pillows December 2017
 Supernova Baby Quilt December 2017
 Xmas Patchwork Swoon Quilt December 2017
Swoon Wall Hanging December 2017

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  1. Wow - you have a great start to 2017! I never thought of keeping track of all the quilts I complete in a year. Hmm. You have given me a good idea. Thank you!


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