Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Whole Month!

 I cannot believe a whole month has passed since I posted! I have not been ill or dealing with a family crisis or anything that would explain my absence; it is only back to school time which leaves me super busy at work and exhausted and unmotivated when I get home. 

My football quilt is still under construction. I have not gotten my quilt back from the quilter I took over at the beginning of June. I am almost done with a door banner from my classroom, but I dropped everything last night to make one of my favorite school secretaries a reading pillow. She has taken a promotion to central office and will be leaving the school she has pretty much run for 19 years! She loves to read, so a reading pillow made a lot of sense. Plus, I could stock the pocket with essentials for her new job--vodka, chocolate, and a book to help her escape reality as needed. I parted with some of Bonnie and Camille stash.  I used this free tutorial I found on Pinterest:

The tutorial is really frugal with the fabric--it only takes three fat quarters for an 18 inch square pillow. The tutorial also uses piping on the perimeter of the pillow and I did sew it with the piping at first, but I don't have a piping foot for my machine and I kept catching it in my seams. I was not willing to rip it all out especially after I tried sew it correctly multiple times and batting too. With my deadline of today looming at 8:00pm last night, I just sewed a wider seam and hid the messy piping. Of course no one but me and you guys will know, it is not how it was supposed to be. Who cares? I got it done in time for today's surprise party and she loved it. Plus, next time I will save the $2+ and not buy any piping at all!
I think the back is as cute as the front! This was a different take on the envelope backing and used much less fabric--just  a fat quarter with a 2.5 inch strip from the front fabric. The ribbon tie and handle added a whimsical touch. If I had not appliqu├ęd the "L" on the pocket, I would have just given her the vodka, chocolate, and book and kept it for myself! This will definitely be a tutorial and project I will make again---maybe next time for myself!

I hope to get my sewing mojo back and get some more things posted soon!