Friday, May 1, 2015

Farm Girl Friday!

 Whoo who, today is the first Farm Girl Friday! I have my book and my background fabric all ready to go. I was laughing with my hubby about how funny it is that I am excited about something farm and agriculture related as I don't really enjoy dirt, manure, or bugs. I grew up in San Diego not on a farm or even a town, but now we live in rural western Colorado surrounded by farmland and ranches full of chickens, cows, pigs, horses, ducks, goats, sheep, and llamas and many other animals. I actually like living in the country even when the crop duster buzzes our house all summer at six in the morning.
 We have the day off from work today, so I went grocery shopping early. On my way home, I watched some of my neighbors putting a couple of calves into their pasture. The calves were running around like super excited dogs because they have been in small pens and this was their first time having a big area to run around in.
After I got my groceries put away, I walked around the corner to get some pictures of them.  They came right up to the fence and I could pet them and got these cute pictures. It will be fun to watch them grow. I will have to check with our neighbors and see if they have names, but maybe I should just call them "Hamburger" and "Meatloaf" since that is what they are destined to be. We live on 2.5 acres and picked our house partly because you could have livestock. Since we were moving to the country we wanted that option, but our daughter was not interested in having a horse or participating in 4-H, so no livestock for us.
Now that she is a teenager, she reconsidered and did get a horse last summer--Chuck, her Mustang convertible counts right? She has been cruising around this week with the top down and will today too since it is going to be 80 degrees.
So this is the block we are making this week for Farm Girl Friday--Apron Strings. I took this picture from Lori Holt's blog. See the link above.
 Here is my version of the 6 inch block made by digging in my scrap bins.
 I also made an extra block and turned it into a pin cushion following the tutorial Lori has on her blog. This is the top
 and this is the side
and this the back. Her tutorial is great and this went together very quickly.
Is this the devil? If you read my last post, you saw a picture of our sweet puppy/dog, Bella. Two weekends ago, she ate my hubby's cell phone. He says goodnight to our dogs every night because they reside in our sunroom/dog room since Bella is too destructive in the main house. His cell phone slipped out of his shirt pocket and onto Bella's bed. Of course he did not notice it and she ate it. She loves plastic things with batteries. Then, the same thing happened again this past weekend. Two cell phones dead in one week!
Is it her fault that her dad put two cell phones on her bed and she thought they were treats? She does not think so and I think it is his fault too! Let's just hope it does not happen again...
I have completed hand quilting three sides of my Journey of a Quilter and need to mark the last side. I was looking back over my blog and realized I started this project as a BOM last April and I embroidered the last block in December 2014. I pieced it and have been hand quilting it since then, I guess it has not taken too long even though it feels like forever!

I did work on some more projects today, but I can't share them yet. I plan on tidying up my sewing room tonight because Lindsey will be over tomorrow to sew with me. I am joining quilters all over the world tonight for Friday Night with Friends (FNwF)
I will post what I finish tonight later this weekend.


  1. I am Farm Girl sewing along with you, Tanya. I finished my Apron Strings block today as well.

    I am struggling with "scrappy" but I can see you do not. I love your block.

    Can't wait to see what else you have created today.

  2. Very pretty Apron Strings, daughter, puppy dog, and Journey of a Quilter!! Loved seeing!

  3. Great Farm Girl Friday projects Tanya! I just received my copy of the book yesterday... hopefully will have time to catch up this weekend! :) x

  4. The area you live in sounds delightful. And I do like your daughter's choice of horses!!
    Lovely blocks to start on and your progress with hand quilting is great.

  5. Yee-Haw! Love your scrappy Apron Strings block and cute pin cushion, Tanya. And the story of your daughter's horse. We have given all our cattle names.... Hamburger and Meatloaf remind me a lot of our Milk Carton.

    1. Haha! Milk Carton! That's cute! And I think I like the end of the story better :)

  6. Your hand quilting is stunning. Have fun with the QAL, I had to pass this on up, but I know how much fun they can be.

  7. Beautiful sewing and I love the block and pin cushion! Hope the puppy dog isn't in too much trouble from eating those phones. Guessing it was a vet trip for you.

  8. Ok, I have to ask these things, did Bella chew up the phone or swallow it whole? Because if it was whole...well, did anyone call? To where you could hear it? Haha! Like how did you know she was the culprit and that's where the phones went? Sorry, I'm just captivated by the cute story and that cute face! I would love to know what breed she is. She looked part Catahoula to me...maybe? Anyway she's adorable!
    Speaking of adorable, so is your pin cushion! (As are your neighbor's friendly calves and Chuck - I guess your world just specializes in cute) I came over from the Blossom Quilts links thing because I wanted to learn how to do that cute pin cushion, so thank you very much for sharing! And I may have to stick my nose in again to see how Bella is doing and what you're seeing up! Arrrrgh! Too many good blogs!

  9. very cute, and I love that pin cushion. Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday

  10. This is the 2nd time I've seen that Farm Girl project on a looks like a lot of fun the little pincushion!

    As to the dog...oh my she sure does like to chew! ugh!

  11. love the bee block turned pin cushion. Also totally get the no real horses for your daughter, bad experience as a child but thanks to Ford I've owned 4 mustangs so far currently red

  12. Oh no! Does Bella have her own ringtone now? Ha ha! She looks none the worse for wear, thank goodness. Loved your mustang joke. And the projects all look great Tanya. I'm not doing Lori's QAL, but it is a beauty (I don't hav time right now, but might someday) Love that little pincushion you made too!

  13. I like your pincushions, they are delux.

  14. Love yoru Farmgirl sew along project and your quilting. Wonderful work.

  15. Cute pincushion! I had to laugh at your cow names. Bella is right, it is Daddy's fault.


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