Sunday, May 2, 2021

Pencil Pouches 2021


Welcome! I finished sewing my 16 pencil pouches for my 5th graders this week. They are stuffed with pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, candy, mug cakes, gum, and a hand sanitizer key chain. I already wrapped them up and will deliver them the week of May 17th. I have packed up a lot of my sewing room and even got rid of my cutting table. My dad is going to build me a new one on casters, so I can roll it around in my new sewing room since I will have luxury vinyl plank. 
My foundation is in at my new house. This is the west side where my garage is looking southeast. My laundry room and master bedroom will be behind the garage.
This is the view from where my back covered patio is going to be looking southwest. My backyard faces south and will not have any houses directly behind me. Eventually, there will be green space, a sidewalk, and a road. There are a some big sky and mountain views looking south towards Telluride. I am not sure if the trees will stay or go--if they go the views will be even better! It is at the end of a culde-sac, so pretty quiet with no thru traffic. There is also good spacing between the houses which is not typical of the new neighborhoods that are going in. On my westside, there will be extra space between my neighbor and me because there will be a walking path. It should be nice and quiet!