Sunday, June 13, 2021

June 2021


It really looks like a house! My house is progressing and seems to be on schedule. In one week they added the rafters, put all the outer wood on, poured the concrete for the porch and back patio, added the windows, and wrapped it in Tyvek. Inside they have added in the HVAC venting.
This is where the electric fireplace will be. The builder and I added the windows on either side to provide more light and ventilation as we were adjusting the plans--I am so glad we did. I also had the walk in pantry expanded and the front bedroom's window enlarged because it is going to be my sewing room--it also has views looking north towards the Grand Mesa. Great views and lots of natural light will make it be a peaceful place to work on my quilts. 
Since my daughter left for her new job, she took the Ford Escape we had been sharing since her return from college. She did leave her convertible Mustang behind which is so much fun to drive in the summer, but I needed to get a new and reliable snow car. I got myself this VW Tiguan on my birthday. Currently, there is a car shortage due to the pandemic supply chain lapses. There are not many cars available, so I grabbed one while I could!

I have not been doing much sewing as I am getting my current house ready to sell. I have actually been packing up my sewing room, moving furniture around, getting rid of furniture that will not be moving with me, running the irrigation water, and learning how to operate the riding lawn mower. There is still so much to do and purge!