Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Perle Cotton

In the last 10 years, I have become a fan of incorporating embroidery into my quilts, but I am not a fan of embroidery floss. I prefer perle cotton #8. I have used DMC, Anchor, and Valdani brands. The perle cotton is more expensive than embroidery floss, but you do not have to do any separating of strands and it tangles far less.
The perle cotton adds a little more dimension and texture than embroidery floss. I also back my fabric with Warm and Natural batting and embroider through the batting and fabric.

By stitching through the batting, my knots are not seen through the fabric and it is easier to hold onto while embroidering.

I also use perle cotton for quilting. It gives a primitive look which means larger stitches are ok. The above picture shows how it looks on the front of the quilt and the picture below shows the back. 
Now that Joann's is open in my town, they carry basic colors of DMC perle cotton #8 balls including  ecru, black, red, and navy. I usually order more colors from Joann's on-line when the perle cotton balls are on sale half price.
I have quite the rainbow collection of perle cotton stored in Mason jars and displayed on narrow picture shelves in my sewing room, it is functional and colorful.


  1. Interesting Tanya. I never considered adding the batting like that. Does it add bulk? Also how do you quilt with it? Do you put on the sewing machine somehow? Try the presencia pearl cotton, it has a lovely sheen for the non primitive projects.

  2. I'm not ashamed to admit, I have thread envy!! Lovely way to store it in the jars.

  3. Have to say, I'm a little jealous ~ you mush have every color! Gives me something to aspire to:?) Just found your blog, can't wait to see more.
    Lady Locust

  4. Well as they say, great minds think alike! I use a thin batting when embroidering too. I like the stability it adds, and it's great at hiding knots and short distance traveling threads! I usually use floss but I will have to give perle cotton a try. Love your rainbow!!!

  5. Great idea to put the thread in glass bottles! Keeps its free from dust and easy to find the right color! Lovely emnroidery and quilting.

  6. Your perle cotton storage is so very pretty! Great idea...

  7. Love the look of the Perle Cotton in Ball Jars !
    Visiting from 'Sew Many Ways'.

  8. Love the jars of perle cotton.
    I have three cats and I put all of my sewing thread in jars
    to keep them from playing with it.
    I also love the primitive look of the stitching.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Just discovered your blog. WOW! What a great idea to put the threads in jars. Love that. I do have a question on backing your embroidery with batting. Do you baste the batting to the project? Do you still use a hoop? I would think the hoop may stretch the batting. I don't like to use a hoop. I will be back to enjoy your talents.

  10. wow glad to have found this helpful post. this may seem a silly question, but do you sew the batting to the fabric before you embroider them together? Or do you fuse them together with some double-sided interfacing? Also, do you use a wooden or plastic embroidery ring? I've seen both. I'm new to sewing and want to try hand-embroidery on something. I have seen the warm and natural batting at Jo-Ann's and also the thread you use. I Look forward to trying this.

  11. How clever!!! I've never seen embroidery done on fabric and batting at the same time. I love the look, you're right, it gives it dimension.
    Love it!

  12. That is so neat! I've never done embroidery before, but I love the look. and I love your storage. The thread look positively yummy in those jars!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

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  14. Neat idea, Ms. T. Thank you for sharing. I put a link back to this idea on my blog.


    sew and cro dot com

  15. Hallo, I have been collecting these perle cotton balls , ready to do something with them in the new year . I like your idea of storing them in jars ...but how do you fasten the ends of the threads to prevent them unravelling in the jars?


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