Sunday, October 14, 2018

Project Progress

 Look what is on my pinning tables this morning--the cute little ghosties. I am going to quilt it vertically with my wavy stitch about an inch apart. 
 I picked up the gray background bats fabric at Joann's, but there was not quite enough of it--so I put a strip of black solid to make it work and put the label over the off center strip. I think it will look cute and I hope to get some Slow Sunday Stitching in by binding it.
My mom and I wanted to test out her Handiquilter since she had it rebuilt. The stitch length is better, but still not consistent. I do not enjoy long arming to start with and then having technical difficulties makes it worse than having dental work.  I think I will do my machine quilting either on my Pfaff or by check from now on. This is my Sugar Stars Quilt--the pattern in a Lori Holt and the fabrics are Bonnie and Camille Marmalade--my two favorites combined.
I pieced this one back in 2015, so I am pleased to have this UFO approaching the finished category even if the quilting is not perfect. I already attached the binding and will work on that this week after my ghosts.
My Fat Quarter Fat Eighth Quilt is all done and will be revealed on here and Instagram on Tuesday, 10/23. Stay tuned, it is a gorgeous quilt and quick, simple pattern!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ghost Top

 It's fall y'all! It is like a switch flipped here in Western Colorado we went from mid 80's to the mid 50's and rainy, gloomy weather in a few days which means my hubby and I have shifted to sweats, slippers, and comfort food. We also put flannel sheets on our bed and had to turn on the heater. It also means I don't feel guilty about spending the days in my sewing room. I have been eyeing so many fun Ghost Quilts on Instagram--I considered doing the quilt along back in August, but with back to school there was no way. Yesterday morning, I looked up the pattern and determined that I had enough Kona gray, Kona white, and blacks in my stash to make the top without having to buy anything, but the pattern. I clicked away and bought the pattern, here is the link:
I cut all the fabric and started sewing.
 All 26 of my little ghosts came together this morning, I made an extra ghost to turn into my label. I am so tickled with this top!
 The pattern recommended Kona Silver, but I just used whatever Kona gray that was in my stash--it is darker. I think a Moda Marble in gray or black would be an excellent background too, or even a deep purple.
My ghosts were altogether by about 5pm today, but the rainy weather thwarted any chance of getting a good picture outside--maybe tomorrow. Also maybe tomorrow, I will go get a backing after work...
Glen, my amazing quilter, squeezed in my Fat Eighth Fruitcake Quilt yesterday. I have to have my pictures submitted to the Fat Quarter Shop on October 18th, so I was anxious to get it quilted, so I can make my deadline. It will be on my blog on October 23rd.  I asked Glen to use something with flowers and he loves this magnolia design--it looks perfect with my gingham backing. Glen does not have a traditional longarm machine, they have a Quilting Master Full Frame
This quilt is about 64 x 75 inches and he set the speed to about 1000 stitches per minutes. It took only about an hour and 15 minutes of actual quilting and about 30 minutes to load it on the frame. 
I used some of the leftover trimmings from the backing to make the binding. I will spend the rest of this evening and several more this week hand binding it. 
One of my daughter's friends popped over to London this weekend to hang out with her. They also saw each other at Okoberfest last weekend. Her friend is studying this semester in Copenhagen, so my daughter will visit her there next month. They enjoyed high tea at one of the many museums!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Simple Zipper Bag Blog Remix

I signed up to help out the Fat Quarter Shop with the Simple Zipper Bag Blog Remix. I used some leftover 2.5 inch squares from another FQS project that will be revealed later this month. Most of the fabrics are from the Bonnie and Camille Smitten line, but the are a few other B & C pieces in it too. I made the larger version of the bag.
I used this cute little Vespa charm as a zipper pull.
I quilted my zipper bag using a cross hatch design and used some Good Life scraps for the backing and the binding. You can find the FQS tutorial for this project here:

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Scrappy Trips Finish

I started my Scrappy Trips on a whim back in August and I am so glad that I caved to the Drop Everything and Make It (DrEAMi!) obsession.
I am thrilled that I did not allow it to languish in my tops pile either! This is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern you can find here:
I made 36 blocks and it was about 72 inches square before quilting and washing. It shrunk to about 67 inches square.
 I quilted it diagonally using my Pfaff's large wavy stitch. The quilting really added a lot of texture and the curves broke up the monotony of the 90 degree angles of the squares.
 I took these pictures this morning in the glorious sun. I like how you can see the front through the backing.
I included my embroidered label on the backing and quilted right through it too.
I washed with three Color Catchers and they did their job! The orange is much darker than this picture shows. This is the first time I have had an orange bleed this much and it is even an old Robert Kaufman fabric from the Metro Living line--very nice quality.
I mentioned before that I do not have a purpose/owner for this quilt, but my dog, Bella, seemed to claim it the other night as I was binding it. She is not much a cuddler, but as soon as she jumped on my bed, she made a beeline to lay down on it. She did not care that there were Clover Clips on the edge or that I was actively sewing it. When she gets on my bed, she usually goes through a grooming routine and lays aloofly away from me, but not this night, straight to a deep, contented sleep on this quilt. She was definitely claiming it as hers! I think I would really like to make one of these even bigger using strips from all of my Bonnie and Camille fat quarter bundles. It would be gorgeous on my bed!
I claimed this shirt at Target as mine a couple of weeks ago. The Broncos play tomorrow night, so I will be wearing this as I spend today in my sewing room. I finished something which means I can start something, right?
My daughter, the one on the left, attended Oktoberfest in Munich this weekend. She already posted on Instagram that she will never go again--too many drunk people and crowds, but she can cross it off her bucket list. She just texted me that she is happily boarding her flight back to London now and starts her internship there tomorrow! 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Scrappy Trips Quilting

 Fall is in the air here in western Colorado! The leaves are starting to change and the mornings are brisk--it was 35 degrees the other morning when I left for work too cold for the convertible, but 82 degrees when I left work at 3:30pm. I pinned my Scrappy Trips yesterday and quilted it up the rest of the weekend. It is big--not too big to quilt with my Pfaff's 10 inch throat, but pretty much too big for me to pin--72 inches square. I may need to get another pinning table!
 I quilted it on the diagonals with my big wavy stitch--it looks organic and adds some curves in the sea of squares.
 This project tickles me because I bought nothing specifically for it--the pattern was a freebie from Bonnie Hunter, all of the fabrics were from my stash including the backing, and I finished off my roll of Warm and White batting (I already have another one still in the box).
 At first, I thought I would use a black and white stripe for the binding, but I don't want anyone to limit this quilt as a Halloween project with the orange and white backing. I opted for a dark gray also from my stash instead.
I am not sure if I will keep this one or pass it on, but I did embroider a label for it. I will Slow Sunday Stitch the binding tonight and tomorrow night while watching football. I sure hope that Fitzpatrick aka Fitzmagic leads Tampa Bay to their third victory!
I usually grocery shop on Sunday mornings at 8am because everyone is either at church or sleeping in. I hit Walmart and City Market (Kroger). I always make my rounds to the clearance section, but from some reason today I looped through the kitchen goodies at the Wall too. They had these 16-quart Pressure Canners for $15 instead of $65. My mom and I bought one years ago that we share, but it stays at her house, so now I have one to stay at my house if I want to can anything! They also had dozen packs of canning jars for $5, but I already have plenty in the garage, so I skipped them. I can't pass up a good, practical bargain!

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Scrappy Trips Top

 I made the most of the first NFL football Sunday last week and finished all of my Scrappy Trips blocks. I got busy yesterday and sewed them all together! It is about 72 inches square. I used a free pattern, you can find here:
I dug into my stash and found an orange and white to use for a backing which means I have not bought anything specifically for this one--it is completely from my stash! I think I will quilt it on the diagonals using the wavy stitch on my Pfaff. I don't have any specific plans for this quilt--I'm not sure if I will keep it or pass it on...Quilts always seem to end up where they belong.
 My top for the Fat Quarter Shop's Fat Eighth Fruitcake Quilt Along is complete. I can't reveal it yet, but I used mostly Smitten fabrics.  I ordered this red gingham backing from Connecting Threads--it is a wide one, so no piecing! I haven't figured out the quilting for it yet, but there is still time. I plan on slowing down since it is Sunday and embroidering labels for this one and the Scrappy Trips.
 I got my Smitten Fat Quarter Bundle in the mail this week. I preordered it back in July. Now, I have eight untouched Bonnie and Camille bundles--why can't I bring myself to use them? 
My daughter went with her study group to Scotland this weekend. She went there last Thanksgiving too, but for this visit they made it out to the Highlands and to a whisky distillery--both things she didn't get to do on her prior visit. That makes four countries in a month! Have a great week!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ready for Some Football!

We are so excited about the new football season in my family! I made this Broncos quilt last year, but I only finished it at the end of the season. We can't wait for it to be cold enough to cuddle under this and watch our Broncos. For now, I am geared up in shorts and a Bronco t-shirt and plan on spending the day in my sewing room with NFL Red Zone on and quilting.
I have this lonely leftover football block that I think I am going to turn into a door banner today. I am a little obsessed!
I have my Fat Quarter Shop secret sewing ready for the quilter and the other project complete which means I had time to get back to work on my Scrappy Trips blocks. I have 27 blocks done and I plan on making 36--9 more to go!
Have you found the new Quilt Sampler yet? I picked it up yesterday and I am excited to check out some exciting quilt shops all over the country--there is one in the Denver area I will check out the next time I am in Denver...
We have seven apple trees--our own mini orchard. Each tree is a different variety. My favorite is the Granny Smith--partly because I have always loved tart, crisp apples, but mostly because it is the biggest tree and I spend lots of time with our dogs sitting under it in the shade reading. Our dogs love to eat the fallen apples and play with them. The little apple is a Granny Smith, but the bigger apple from another tree was a treat with our dinner last night--I am not sure of the variety. I am going to make some apple sauce in my Instant Pot this week. I am so glad fall is finally arriving!
My daughter is enjoying her semester in London. She sent me this picture from the flower market with these amazing sunflowers from last weekend.
This weekend, she and a few friends flew to Oslo, Norway to check it out before it gets too cold. Both my hubby and I have Norwegian ancestry, so Viking blood runs in her and we are thrilled she is exploring. She is going back to Scotland next--this visit is included in the school's study group curriculum and then she is off to Munich for October Fest. Don't worry, she is studying too for her three economics classes and one theater class; their academic schedule is designed to accommodate travel and exploration!