Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ghost Top

 It's fall y'all! It is like a switch flipped here in Western Colorado we went from mid 80's to the mid 50's and rainy, gloomy weather in a few days which means my hubby and I have shifted to sweats, slippers, and comfort food. We also put flannel sheets on our bed and had to turn on the heater. It also means I don't feel guilty about spending the days in my sewing room. I have been eyeing so many fun Ghost Quilts on Instagram--I considered doing the quilt along back in August, but with back to school there was no way. Yesterday morning, I looked up the pattern and determined that I had enough Kona gray, Kona white, and blacks in my stash to make the top without having to buy anything, but the pattern. I clicked away and bought the pattern, here is the link:
I cut all the fabric and started sewing.
 All 26 of my little ghosts came together this morning, I made an extra ghost to turn into my label. I am so tickled with this top!
 The pattern recommended Kona Silver, but I just used whatever Kona gray that was in my stash--it is darker. I think a Moda Marble in gray or black would be an excellent background too, or even a deep purple.
My ghosts were altogether by about 5pm today, but the rainy weather thwarted any chance of getting a good picture outside--maybe tomorrow. Also maybe tomorrow, I will go get a backing after work...
Glen, my amazing quilter, squeezed in my Fat Eighth Fruitcake Quilt yesterday. I have to have my pictures submitted to the Fat Quarter Shop on October 18th, so I was anxious to get it quilted, so I can make my deadline. It will be on my blog on October 23rd.  I asked Glen to use something with flowers and he loves this magnolia design--it looks perfect with my gingham backing. Glen does not have a traditional longarm machine, they have a Quilting Master Full Frame
This quilt is about 64 x 75 inches and he set the speed to about 1000 stitches per minutes. It took only about an hour and 15 minutes of actual quilting and about 30 minutes to load it on the frame. 
I used some of the leftover trimmings from the backing to make the binding. I will spend the rest of this evening and several more this week hand binding it. 
One of my daughter's friends popped over to London this weekend to hang out with her. They also saw each other at Okoberfest last weekend. Her friend is studying this semester in Copenhagen, so my daughter will visit her there next month. They enjoyed high tea at one of the many museums!


  1. I've admired that ghost pattern too, so cute. You did a great job. Love the quilting on your other quilt, and the gingham backing is sweet.

  2. Those ghosts are so cute. Fabulous quilting on your other quilt. Doesn't that red and white gingham look terrific.

  3. So cute!!! I love that you used different prints for the eyes and mouth! It's amazing!

  4. Too darned cute for words!!! Love it.

  5. Can't wait for the reveal of the fruitcake quilt!
    Enjoy the binding process!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. Your little ghosties are super cute!!

  7. These are so cute! I agree, a dark purple background would also be stunning, though your dark gray looks great!

  8. The Ghosties are adorable! Love Glenn's quilting. You will never come and use my long arm again! Boo hoo! Love you, Mom😘👍

  9. What a fun ghost pattern! Your daughter and her friend are lovely.

  10. Very fun! Love your ghosts. A dark purple background would be fun too.


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