Monday, December 25, 2017

Xmas Patchwork Swoon

Merry Xmas everyone! I hope you have had a lovely time with your families. My daughter arrived home from college on Thursday and it was my last day of work. Of course, it was the only day we have had snow--an adventure with school children and traveling.

Unfortunately, I have not done much quilting the last couple of weeks. I did manage to get the binding done on my Xmas Patchwork Swoon Quilt. I got it back from the machine quilter on Monday and spent all the evenings this week stitching it down.
I had the quilter use a snowflake motif. Even though the fabric is Xmas themed, it is not overwhelmingly Xmas and I think the snowflake quilting makes it more winter themed which means it will be used in my house all winter--plus the milky backing makes it heavy and soft.
I got a couple of quilty gifts for Xmas including these dachshund pillow shams. My sister @mommytoirishtwins made them for me. They remind me of my dachshund, Beau, and with the amazing Bonnie & Camille sweaters they are precious.
I made these Pocket Pillows for most of my family, but of course I forgot to take pictures of all of them. This one was for my niece, Bailey, in aqua and red to match her bedroom.
I think the backs of these are as cute as the pocket front. These with a gift card were perfect for everyone. I made one that was Star Wars theme, another one was Game of Thrones, and a couple with wine bottles, corks, and wineglasses. The pattern is a free tutorial, you can find here:

Now that Xmas is over and my sewing room is no longer the wrapping room, I hope to get in there and make a few goodies for myself!



  1. Your swoon quilt is a great way to wind up the quilting year. I agree that the snowflake quilting looks wonderful. Enjoy your break.

  2. Those pillows are precious, your swoon quilt looks great! Happy New Year!!

  3. Love those pillows with the dashhounds--how cute--
    and the ones you made as gifts--look neat and I bet will be will used--
    and to add one more finish with the swoon quilt is a good thing for 2017--nice quilt--love the snowflake quilting--
    enjoy the moments, di
    even cleaning the sewing room!!!

  4. Love your swoon quilt and those pillow shams are precious! I am sure the recipients of the custom pillows were happy! You always amaze me with the creativity and productivity that emerges from your quilt room! Happy holidays to you!

  5. I've been looking over several posts..your gift packages to your daughter, the adorable pillow shams and more :) How you fit in all of your creativity in to your life is always an inspiration to see :)

  6. That pillow looks great. I'll have to check it out and put it on my list to make next year.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Swoon quilt!! Those matching pups are just adorable!

  8. Beautiful quilt, putting binding on a large quilt takes a bit of time. Love all of your pillows. Perfect gifts.

  9. Your Swoon quilt is definitely "swoon" worthy! Just gorgeous. I made some of the read pillows in various configurations. One to fit the tablet of my younger great grandson, with a velcro tab to keep the tablet in the pocket. He's only 4 and I did not want it slipping out.

  10. Love the Xmas Swoon quilt! It's perfect for this time of year. Enjoy the time with your daughter while she is home!

  11. Such a pretty Christmas quilt and love the gift from your sister! They are just adorable. Happy New year!

  12. Love love love the doxies!! Your Christmas quilt is gorgeous!


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