Sunday, December 10, 2017

Supernova Finish

This is my version of Supernova! It was a baby gift for one of the secretaries at one of my schools. She does not know the baby's gender, but she is decorating the nursery in gray and mint. She loved it so much she cried! Unfortunately, my finished picture is darker than it really was. I quilted it with straight lines radiating out from the dark star shape.
Here is a better picture for light. This is a free pattern you can find here:
I made mine slightly smaller with the half square triangle blocks finishing four inches.
I have finished my football quilt top, so now I am working on the backing. I really wanted to put minky for the backing, but my hubby wanted Broncos fabric. I decided to make a Manning jersey
and an Elway jersey for the backing label. I sewed the two jerseys together and I am stitching the label information between them. This is my Slow Sunday Stitching today.
I will use orange Bronco fabric above the jerseys and blue Bronco fabric below.
I sent my daughter a finals care package this week. Care packages are a great way to spoil your kids when they are away from home. I like to pick a theme and decorate the inside of the box with five pieces of scrapbooking paper. You have to trim them down slightly to fit into the large Priority Mail Box. Since the theme of this one was studying and taking finals, I put in some studying goodies like: highlighters, mechanical pencils, Post-It tabs, cozy socks with wise owls, nuts, Nutella snacks, Poppa's Corn (a local gourmet caramel corn), homemade blondies, Skittles, K-cups, Starbucks Espresso shots, relax and calm face masks, dried fruit, an instant noodle bowl, etc. It is fun for me to locate goodies and put it together. I already have my theme selected for the next one and have already started gathering goodies. I usually send a package every other month.
I bought myself an early Christmas present. This glass door cabinet for quilt storage. It is from Target and I had been pining for it for awhile and when all Target's furniture was 30% off a couple of weeks ago--I had to order it! Between the sale and my Target card it was $125 delivered to my door. My handy hubby put it together. I am quite pleased with the cabinet and it comes in a bunch of colors. You can check it out here:
But wait to buy it on sale!

I want to make a small quilt to hang above it with some of my Bonnie and Camille fabric. Hopefully, I will tackle that over winter vacation...

I have been keeping up with the Spelling Bee Sew Along and I am making some letters for a little holiday decorating, but I will save those for another post.

Have a great week!


  1. Your Supernova quilt is beautiful, and a wonderful gift! I love the Elway and Manning jerseys! But, no Osweiler or Siemian, lol?! At least they're playing a decent game today! Your new quikt cabinet is wonderful

    1. Oh no, I hit publish before I was ready... the new *quilt* cabinet is wonderful - enjoy!

  2. What fun your little goody box is..I'm sure your daughter LOVES them when the arrive. And your quilts look fabulous in their new home. Too cute!

  3. You're such a good momma. Really like your super nova quilt. Thanks for the link.

  4. Love the Super nova, such great colors. The care package is such a sweet thing for your daughter. I sent my son one and he asked why? Boys! LOL.

  5. Love your cabinet, Tonya. Like Val's, yours has glass doors so the quilts can be enjoyed even while in storage.

  6. Sooo funny..THAT is the exact same cabinet I highlighted in my post. I got mine in red! Don't ya just love it!!! (I got mine on sale too and hubs put it together in no time.)


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