Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Woodland Animals ABC Finish & My Animals

 Yay a finish before July is over! This is my Woodland Animals ABC quilt. I bought a pattern from Bustle & Sew on Craftsy and used the appliqué designs, but it did not include a design of a deer. My friend was specifically using deer in her nursery, so I used a deer appliqué pattern that was a freebie over on Fort Worth Fabric Studio.
 I embroidered the facial features on each animal and pieced it using my scrap bins and 2.5 inch wide pieces in pink, brown, yellow, and green.
 I quilted it on my Pfaff using the wavy quilting stitch which has been my favorite this summer.
 I love the eye lashes on the owl.
 Here is my label. The backing is a pink with bright green trees all over it.  It finished after washing at 36 x 45 inches.
 I usually take my outdoor pictures on my pasture fence and get some funny looks from my neighbors, but my dogs seem to be the most confused by my photo session antics. I always admire other bloggers and their pictures of their dogs modeling on quilts, my dogs are not models and I can barely get pictures of them as they will try to lick my iPad or demand my attention.
 This is our matriarch, Dora. She is the last dog we got in California and she is a chocolate lab and boxer mix. She will be 12 years old in January. She is the most vocal, but mellowest of my dogs. She is agoraphobic and has no desire to leave our house and property.
 This is the baby, Bella. She is a Vizsla (a Hungarian pointer/hunting dog, her mom was a purebred Vizsla who was kicked out of hunting school and could not be bred because of it) and an Australian shepherd mix (her dad was neighboring farm's herder). She will be 4 years old in September and is probably the most destructive dog we have ever had. The wicker love seat she is standing on she has nearly destroyed and the two matching chairs were demolished by her years ago! It is a good thing she is so affectionate and cute... Her coloring is so unique and when it is not green outside she blends in with the browns and tans, she is completely desert camouflage like.
This is Dora and Lola together, but they would not pose for me. We have a heated sunroom that is the dog's room. Their beds are out there and they have access to a 1/2 acre fenced dog yard. The fencing is chain link, so they can see everything around--deer, rabbits, our neighbors dogs and chickens, loose pigs, etc. Our pasture is fenced and is about 1.5 acres and we let them out there to explore. It is better than any dog park.
Lola is our border collie and black lab mix. She just turned 9 years old in June and blew out her ankle (ruptured ligament and arthritis). We got her at the local rodeo and fair our first summer in Colorado. She is extremely intelligent and is still functioning pretty well with her bad ankle.

My daughter is going to Lake Powell with a friend and her family and my hubby leaves tomorrow for a guys camping trip, so I will have three days to myself. You can bet I will be quilting a ton and not cooking, but subsisting on everything bagels and Diet Coke! I hope to get lots done...


  1. Hi Tanya! Your baby quilt came out great!! I love all the little animals. Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug say Hello to Dora, Lola and Bella! Enjoy your quilting weekend at home. Not sure about the bagels and Diet Coke, you definitely need to add some chocolate to the mix!

  2. Very quilt quilt! I love that stitch for quilting….
    Enjoy that time alone…it's the best, isn't it?
    (btw…thanks for visiting my blog!)

  3. Cute quilt! I meant cute quilt!

  4. What a great ABC quilt. Such cute animals. The deer you added is such a cutie!

  5. Such a lovely baby quilt! I loved reading about your dogs. They sure are lucky. OMG how lucky are you, 3 days to indulge in your sewing. I am sure it will be bliss!

  6. That's a real labour of love for your friend. Very pretty. I too have uncooperative animals when it comes time for a photo shoot!

  7. That's a gorgeous quilt! I love its woody colors mixed with the pink. They give a warm feeling to it. The white lighten it just right. I don't think I would have liked to stitch all those skinny letters... That must have taken a long time! ;-)

  8. Great finish on your quilt. It is lovely and will look wonderful in a nursery.
    It is great to meet the furry members of your family. A great pair.
    Enjoy your sewing days!

  9. Oh that's fantastic Tanya! Love your critters! And not just the ones you sewed onto your quilt - your pups as well!

  10. What an adorable finish! Is this for the baby shower tomorrow? I too love the owl's eyelashes! Hmmmm sounds like your buddies there can learn a lesson or two from my photo "ham" Jackson! LOL!!

  11. Fun to see and read about the dogs and that baby quilt is so darn cute...what a gorgeous project and finish!

  12. Your quilt is beautiful, the detail is amazing.
    Ali xx

  13. Such a sweet baby quilt with all those adorable animals! Love the serpentine quilting, too! Beautiful finish, Tanya.

  14. I think like the hedgehog best. Not your usual critters to find on an alphabet quilt.


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