Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 Ok so I am not giving away this beautiful Mustang convertible because it is my daughter's! We bought it yesterday even though she does not turn 16 until mid-August. I spent all of yesterday afternoon being chauffeured around in it. It was 95 degrees out and I wore a hat and sunscreen, talk about motherly duties.
Heather really wanted a VW Beetle convertible, but we live nearly 3 hours away from a dealer and we were worried about maintenance issues. This car even her dad was willing to drive! Mustangs have a special place in my heart because I spent lots of time learning to drive in my Grandpa's 1967 Mustang...I loved that car and my daughter is in love with this car!
Although Team USA were not winners today, I have a winner for my 1 Year Blog Anniversary. It is lucky number 36 (picked by my lucky daughter), 

I've been following you through BOMs Away link-ups (and having fun scrolling through in-between posts), but I popped in to follow you at Bloglovin', too. Thanks for the chance!!
Congratulations! I sent Lyn an email requesting her address and I will get the needle book/sewing kit, pin cushion, and chocolate in the mail ASAP. 

Well now that a car has been purchased, I can get back to quilting and enjoying summer...


  1. Wow!! What a lucky daughter! I have friends in New Zealand who will be green with envy seeing that car! They belong to the Auckland Mustang Club - in fact one friend recently sold his '66 Mustang - was a beautiful car! I hope your daughter has much happy and safe driving!

  2. That's a car I'd love to drive! Lucky daughter!!!

  3. I'm so impressed with your "newsy" blog as well as all your quilting and hand work. You're amazing, I don't know how you manage to do sooooo much!! Lucky girl to win your give away!
    AND...my granddaughter is one spectacular teen, thanks to your and my son's parenting!

  4. Wow that car is beautiful. Your daughter is one lucky girl,

  5. When I was 16 I would have loved either car - VW or mustang! I love your jar storage picture on your side bar. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Wow, you have one very lucky daughter.
    And your give away gifts are gorgeous, too.
    I have had a chance to look through some of your posts and like your beautiful embroidery and gorgeous quilts. Thanks for visiting my blog and it has been a delight to return the favour. I look forward to visiting regularly to see what you have been up to. Cheers.

  7. What a pretty car...I just know she loves it!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh my who wouldn't want that car! sweet! :)


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