Saturday, July 13, 2019

Good Fortune Finished

 I finished binding my Good Fortune Quilt last night. This one makes me do a happy dance! This quilt was my first time sewing along with Bonnie Hunter for her mystery after Thanksgiving and it will not be my last for sure. I have made other Bonnie patterns, but this one was far more intricate. I followed her pattern and color suggestions, I did opt to use a royal blue for my binding instead of a cream as she did. I only purchased my backing and binding everything else was from my stash. More information about Bonnie and her quilt designs can be found on her website here:
 Rachel quilted this one. I am not sure what the design is called, but it adds lots of lovely texture. I let her make all the quilting decisions for design as she has a good eye and is still learning about long arming. I have not washed this one yet, but it will crinkle up even more.
 The quilt measures 69 inches square which is on the smaller side for a Bonnie Hunter quilt. 
 I used our garden fence for these pictures and a couple of our sunflowers are starting to bloom. My hubby's raspberries are really starting to produce and he already has a gallon bucket full in the freezer--last year he had over eight gallons!
 This is the first sunflower that has bloomed in our sunflower patch. Don't you love the beautiful color? There were several honey bees buzzing around it.
Here is our sunflower patch. It is three rows wide and about 30 feet long. I would like to plant a bigger space in our pasture next year, but this year is our test run. A couple of weeks ago we had a big hail storm and some of the leaves got holes, but overall the the plants survived. Some of the giant sunflower plants are already eight feet high.
I snapped this picture of Fergie this morning. She was on lookout duty. Our dogs have their own room, it is our sunroom. It has very long windows that are basically eye level for the dogs when they are standing. I used to have a plastic wicker set in there, but they destroyed it and the only piece that survived is the coffee table which they often perch on to sit and see the backyard and pasture. Fergie is such a good watch dog!
 I picked up my To Spin a Star Quilt from Glenn, my other longarm quilter friend, yesterday. This was a scrappy pattern from Diane of Butterfly Threads. I pattern tested it for her this spring and made my version square. You can find the pattern here:
I am going to go back and dig in my stash for a binding as soon as I finish this post. Diane also emailed me about testing another pattern for her soon, so I can't wait to see what scrappy goodness she has created. Stay tuned!
 Glenn also finished quilting my Scrap Dance Waltz Quilt a few days ago. This was a pattern from Carole that you can find here:
This is the first quilt I have ever made for our bed! I have been quilting for 24 years and never made us a quilt--I know ridiculous. It is 104 inches square and I used Bonnie & Camille scraps with a charcoal background. I attached the charcoal for binding and I will be working on hand stitching that down for several Slow Sundays of Stitching.

As some of these UFOs get finished, I am trying to get more prepped for quilting. I have another month until I return to work and I need to make the most of it!


  1. Lovely finishes! husband keeps a couple hives. This summer, a colony took over a garbage can instead of using the nice hive a few yards away. Silly bees!

  2. Lovely scrappy quilts! You're ahead of me with Good Fortune; I must do something with all the blocks I made.

  3. You are on a roll with your finishes, Tanya! They are all beautiful! I'm envious of your sunflowers, too. We keep trying to grow them here, but the squirrels love them too much!

  4. love your Bonnie quilt - this was the first of her mystery's that I joined in on too and finished the quilting just a couple weeks ago - love all your plants

  5. Ooh, I love the Bonnie Hunter quilt AND the Scrap Dance quilt! Congratulations all around!

  6. Beautiful things in the garden and in the quilting room!
    Great finish! Congratulations... I know how much work is in that Good Fortune quilt as mine is still a UFO!
    Enjoy your binding!

  7. Great finish!! That Good Fortune is just beautiful!!!

  8. Congratulations on getting Good Fortune finished! It is beautiful! I know how much work Bonnie's patterns are, but you are right, the results are quite impressive. Congrts on the other quilts too, especially the bed quilt. I don't have a quilt for my bed yet!

  9. They are all lovely, and even better seeing them in person! Congrats!
    Love, Mom. P.S. Glen did an amazing job on my oversized queen quilt too!

  10. Love your BH quilt and your Scrap Dance quilt. I need to finish my Two Step Scrap Dance quilt!!!! I think it may be on my 2019 UFO list.

  11. You are really getting a lot finished. I love scrappy quilts but they do take awhile to make. The BH quilts always have a lot of pieces. I have several in various stages of construction. I'm currently working on a scrap quilt that was an IG quilt along from Am Patchwork and Quilting back in April. Working on the pieced borders now. I also made it big enough for our king sized bed. Love all your quilts!

  12. Love your quilts!!! Especially your bed quilt. Charcoal and brights are my favorite combination! And your sunflowers-- how cool! I have a large patch, too. I have 5 rows with 3 varieties. Each row is about 5' long. I can't wait until they bloom, but we (Wisconsin) are much further behind than you. Our spring was super cold and wet. I'm at least 3 weeks behind other years. xoxo


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