Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ready for Some Football!

We are so excited about the new football season in my family! I made this Broncos quilt last year, but I only finished it at the end of the season. We can't wait for it to be cold enough to cuddle under this and watch our Broncos. For now, I am geared up in shorts and a Bronco t-shirt and plan on spending the day in my sewing room with NFL Red Zone on and quilting.
I have this lonely leftover football block that I think I am going to turn into a door banner today. I am a little obsessed!
I have my Fat Quarter Shop secret sewing ready for the quilter and the other project complete which means I had time to get back to work on my Scrappy Trips blocks. I have 27 blocks done and I plan on making 36--9 more to go!
Have you found the new Quilt Sampler yet? I picked it up yesterday and I am excited to check out some exciting quilt shops all over the country--there is one in the Denver area I will check out the next time I am in Denver...
We have seven apple trees--our own mini orchard. Each tree is a different variety. My favorite is the Granny Smith--partly because I have always loved tart, crisp apples, but mostly because it is the biggest tree and I spend lots of time with our dogs sitting under it in the shade reading. Our dogs love to eat the fallen apples and play with them. The little apple is a Granny Smith, but the bigger apple from another tree was a treat with our dinner last night--I am not sure of the variety. I am going to make some apple sauce in my Instant Pot this week. I am so glad fall is finally arriving!
My daughter is enjoying her semester in London. She sent me this picture from the flower market with these amazing sunflowers from last weekend.
This weekend, she and a few friends flew to Oslo, Norway to check it out before it gets too cold. Both my hubby and I have Norwegian ancestry, so Viking blood runs in her and we are thrilled she is exploring. She is going back to Scotland next--this visit is included in the school's study group curriculum and then she is off to Munich for October Fest. Don't worry, she is studying too for her three economics classes and one theater class; their academic schedule is designed to accommodate travel and exploration!


  1. Love your Bronco quilt, and the extra block will make a great door banner! Your Scrappy Trips quilt is looking great, too. Go Broncos!

  2. I love the looks of your scrappy trip. That is on my bucket list. And your football quilt looks awesome.

  3. Love your Broncos quilt and the scrappy trip around the world. Your daughter is very lucky to have these incredible experiences.

  4. Oh!! That football quilt!! *quickly writing down this idea!* You are so awesome!!

  5. Awesome football quilt! And I love the door banner idea with the leftover football block. Hmmmmm. . . might have to copy that idea, although the colors would be green and gold.
    I think it would be fun to make a Trip Around the World quilt. Are you making it for your daughter? What a wonderful experience she is having!


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