Sunday, May 20, 2018

Royal Wedding 2018

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So I make a big deal out of royal weddings--I think it stems back to my own childhood when I watched Princess Diana marry Prince Charles. When Kate and William got married back in 2011. it was during the week, so my daughter and I took the day off school to watch it live. We made scones, drank tea, wore crowns, and celebrated a real fairy tale. We did the same thing yesterday for Meghan and Harry's wedding. Although, I am not really a morning person, I had no problem jumping out of bed at 4:30am to witness their nuptials live!
 We cheated a little using this mix from Walmart for our chocolate chip scones. I am going to keep this on hand at all times--because it was so easy and delicious!
They came out perfectly and were AMAZING!
We loved her dress and the ceremony was quite charming and less formal which we really enjoyed! I worked on binding this baby quilt for my friend, Rachel, while we watched. I got it half finished and should finish it today for Slow Sunday Stitching:
After the ceremony and running some errands, I worked on my Clementine Blocks for month 5. They are done and will be posted here on the 25th when I am allowed to reveal them. #clementinequiltalong #stjude

This week I also got to order some fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop for a secret sewing project for them--another fabulous quilt along. It should arrive tomorrow--it will be a fun and adorable project to start for the beginning of my summer vacation because my last day of work is Thursday!


  1. Sounds like fun! I'll have to look for that scone mix - yummy! Is school almost out? Summer sewing is coming!

  2. Beautiful quilt and the scones look yummy!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the royal nuptials.. and those scones do look yummy... who knew you could buy them at walmart in a mix too!!! Enjoy your binding and your secretive projects too <3 Kathi

  4. I love royal weddings, too! I was not planning to watch it live, but woke up early enough (boo!) that I could tune it. Everything was delightful, but I especially loved the flowers on the chapel and the cello player. <3

  5. I recorded it and watched on Saturday morning too! There was just something special about a beautiful, smart American woman becoming part of the royal family. The ceremony was lovely, much more personal and intimate than the other royal weddings.

  6. The wedding plus the TV lead-up to the ceremony was great. You had to get up early in your part of the world, but down here in New Zealand, we had to stay up late! Finally got to bed at 1.30AM.

  7. I was watching it too ! :) Got up and five and realized the first hour of coverage would be guests arriving etc so time for a shower, walk and then settling in for the duration.

  8. I'm with you--I loved this, and it made me happy, thinking of how content it would have made their mother to see both boys married, knowing they will have supportive, loving partners to stand by them through the craziness of royal life. Not my business, but who doesn't feel a pang, remembering those young boys, walking at their mother's funeral? They deserved every joyful moment and it was lovely to see.

    I've told my dearest friend, a fellow Anglophile, that we must make a plan to celebrate the next wedding. Imagine the fun of seeing little Charlotte as a bride! Or young George a groom. Matters not to me: bring on the royal wedding and I'll be there, older but jubilant.

  9. I agree. It was a delight to see the wedding. Loved the dress and the ceremony. How lucky to have such beautiful weather for it.


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