Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quick Week

Greetings! We presented this retirement quilt to Mr. King this week. He was quite pleased with it and loved the Amy Butler backing.
 The Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt drive is ending. I dug out this Medallion Log Cabin top and backed it with minky and quilted it up. I am donating it to Happy Chemo in honor of a third grader that lost her short battle with brain cancer this school year. It is 56 inches square. You can check out all the other charity quilts here:
The minky is very soft and should be cuddly during chemotherapy treatments. I will get this mailed off this week!
I took some time to get caught up on Carole's Scrap Dance Mystery Two Step. I got my dozen blocks together today.
I need gifts for several graduates this year. I picked up gift cards, but they are not very personal. I thought of making luggage tags. I started with this prototype this afternoon, but I am already planning on some changes.
This is a little bigger and bulkier than I want. So stay tuned for my modifications!
One year ago today, my daughter graduated from high school. Now, she is off in Italy on an extended study where they are studying Galileo. She will return to her university for a paid internship in the admissions office all summer. Sounds like a perfect ending to her freshman year of college!

I delivered the four quilts I bound for my local fabric store on Friday and picked up another. I will spend my evening binding for Slow Sunday Stitching. 

Only 2.5 more days until my summer begins! 



  1. Yay for the end of the school year! I hope your 2.5 days go by fast! The retirement quilt is such a wonderful gift, and it looks great, as does your H2H quilt. What a great experience for your daughter! I bet you will miss jer thiis summer, though.

  2. Wow you are busy! You put binding on FOUR quilts for the fabric shop?!?! Enjoy!

  3. Wonderful H2H quilt, and looking good on Scrap Dance Two Step!

  4. I love the log cabin quilt. It will make a very nice H2H donation.

  5. Sweet quilt for Hands2Help! Thanks for participating this year!

  6. The retirement quilt is lovely - very special. I really like your log cabin too (do you know the measurements of the pieces in the block?). The one you're working on looks great too - very busy person.

  7. Your quilts are very pretty. I really like that log cabin medallion quilt. Enjoy all of your stitching.

  8. Hi Tanya,
    Lucky and cute daughter - the food looks yummy! You had a very productive week. I made a few luggage tags out of quilted scraps and have a tutorial on my blog, if you are interested. It uses pieces of clear plastic, like from those bags that sheets/ pillowcases come in. ~smile~

  9. So many good things happening here! Your daughter must be having a fabulous time. You've been busy with your quilting, and your donated quilts will make someone very happy!

  10. That is such a pretty Medallion Log Cabin quilt. Sure to keep somebody cozy and comfortable.

  11. All beautiful quilts. I esp. love that Medallion Log Cabin one.

  12. So sorry to hear about the third grader. Cancer sucks! Thank you in advance for the beautiful quilt. It is sure to bring comfort and love to a cancer patient.


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