Saturday, July 2, 2016

Butterfly Threads Quilting 2016 Mystery Quilt

Ok I have a confession--I usually do not enjoy mystery quilts! I made one about 16 years ago--it was a two color project and I did not like how it turned out. I was frustrated and disappointed because I spent a lot of money on the fabric and did not like the results. I had pretty much sworn off mystery quilts after that, but I will make an exception for scrappy mysteries and Diane! I am a scrap quilter and I am very good at quilting from my stash--which is why I love her book, Scrap Quilt Secrets. I want to make the cover quilt, Crazy Daisy, for my own bed.
Speaking of an exception for scrappy mysteries, I have all my Scrap Dance Tango Blocks together. Doesn't it look fabulous? I am going to add a 4 inch border maybe a brown and it will make a fantastic lap quilt.
I even already have a backing. It is the softest, blue gray fabric from Andover and I got it for $3 a yard several years ago. I think it will be perfect! Thank you to Carole for her mystery quilt along! Details can be found here:
Diane hosted a mystery quilt on her blog back in 2014. I loved how it looked like my favorite sunflowers, so I made one and actually kept it for myself. The pattern is still available here 

She has also announced a Summer Scrappy Mystery Quilt 2016
I dug into my stash and found this gorgeous Minick and Simpson fabric. I bought it as a flat fold several years ago for cheap. I am planning on using it for my border fabric and backing.
My main color is navy,
accent colors are red, green, and brown,
and my background will be cream and beige.
The first clue is posted here
It is a wet, rainy gray day here, so I will be cutting the strips and sewing them right up.
How about you? Do you want to join in some scrappy fun?


  1. I'm with you - my first attempt at a mystery quilt was a three fabric quilt and I was so disappointed with how it turned out. Had I known what the finished quilt was going to look like I would have picked very different fabrics.

    Maybe a scrappy mystery quilt would be better... I checked out clue one and am tempted. :)

  2. Pretty Sunflower Quilt! Thank you for sharing the link to the directions. Looking forward to her next mystery.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the kindest post and I am so thankful for your sweet comments. Your mystery from two years ago is gorgeous! I'm thrilled you are sewing along again, I have a feeling you're going to love it! Seriously, thank you so much!

  4. thanks for visiting my blog.
    I also love the quilt on the cover of the book.
    It is right up my alley. Might make it with you.
    Kathleen Mary

  5. You Scrap Dance *does* look fabulous! Congratulations!

  6. Your Scrap Dance Tango quilt turned out beautifully! I know how you frel about mystery quilts - I've only done one and luckily love how it turned out. It sounds like you can trust the gal you've followed before though! Enjoy!

  7. I've done a few mysteries and enjoy them very much! I think only one turned out as a definite fail.

  8. It *does* look fabulous! Turned out beautifully. And I'm totally with you on mystery quilts. I do save the instructions, but I won't make it until I see the finished pattern. Happy 4th!

  9. Scrap Dance Tango looks wonderful! I'll be doing an update tomorrow, and have a link to your post about it from a few days ago. Love to link a pic from our Flickr group! If you get one uploaded today, I'll include it with the others. Thanks so much for quilting along! I'll be doing another scrappy this winter.

  10. I am way too much of a control freak to ever do a mystery quilt! That would feel like driving down the interstate with my eyes shut!! But your sunflower quilt looks beautiful. Good luck with your newest mystery project!

  11. I hated my first mystery quilt as well. Maybe done about 8 or 9 years ago...but then I did the Midnight Mystery with Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs and I loved this year I'm doing the Meadow Mystery along with Cheryl as well.

  12. Liking that Scrap Dance Tango of yours! Is it from the same book by Diane Knott? Very pretty!

  13. I think the border you have chosen to finish your quilt looks great. And good luck with the next challenge.

  14. I make Diane's mystery too! It's funny!


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