Friday, August 7, 2015

Four Finishes

Yes, that's right I said four finishes. This week was my last full week off of work, so I have been trying to make the most of it and work on quilts for the charity quilt drive. This one is Fun Flowers--I made sixteen Sunny Sunflowers blocks from Farm Girl Vintage. I sashed them with a bright green
 and found this perfect pink with polka dots that form stripes for the border and binding.
 I quilted it with meandering loops. The backing is brighter than it looks in this picture--it is a cloudy morning, but it was a great buy at $2.96 a yard at our local fabric store. After washing, the quilt measures 60 inches square.
 Number 2 is Boxy Stars. I made two versions of this one, but only this one is done. It is a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter over at
 It was tough to find a border that went with the salmon colored sashing I had in my stash, but this black calico worked perfectly. 
 I quilted it with the speedy loops and some stars thrown in.
 The backing was $3.50 a yard and I bought enough to back another quilt with it too. It also measures 60 inches square after washing. It was still warm from the dryer when I photographed it this morning!
 Number 3 is Shangri-La Patches and Pinwheels. I quilted it with the loops.
 My mom found a perfect busy backing for it. It measures 60 inches after washing.
 Finish number 4 is Wistful! I made the top and my mom quilted it up and bound it.
 The backing fabric is an oldie from my stash--probably 10 years. This one measures 60 x 70 inches after washing.
I had so many quilts to get pictures of, I needed the laundry basket to haul them out to the garden.
 This top is unnamed and came in yesterday's mail as a donation to our charity quilt drive. We are about half way to our goal of 62 quilts. Please contact me if you would like to donate a top or completed quilt at mcsdces19(at)gmail(dot)com or leave me a comment.
Sherrill donated this fun scrappy top, three backing fabrics, and two pillow cases to our charity quilt drive. Check out her blog and thank her here 
Tonight is Friday Night with Friends where quilters all over the world stay in and sew virtually with friends. I am joining in and you can too here
I plan on getting some of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks done because I am behind on them. I also have a couple of tops nearly completed for the charity quilt drive. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Boy you've been busy Tanya! I love them all but my favourites are the sunflower and wistful. Great colourful fabrics.

  2. Holy moly! How awesome that you were able to make such great progress during your time off!. You inspire me! Congrats on great finishes!

  3. My goodness, four finishes... that's excellent and very inspiring!

  4. Gee Tanya, you have done an amazing job on all of those quilts.

    I am behind on my FGF blocks as well and hope to make progress on them over the next few days.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Wow! Congratulations on the finishes!

  6. What great finishes! And congratulations to you and your mother and those who've donated on being almost half way to your charity drive goal.

  7. Tanya, das sind ja wunderschöne Quilts !
    Jeder ist auf seine Art schön .
    Da hast Du ein gutes Werk getan.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. You certainly made great use of your time! More great finishes :)

  9. Thanks for the link to the Boxy Stars quilt - I would definitely want to make that! I think its wonderful you have so many finishes, very inspiring! :) Thanks for linking up to MCM!

  10. You definitely were busy. Your quilt finishes are beautiful!

  11. Beautiful quilts. Congrats on all the finishes.

  12. Tanya, you have been so busy! I love all your finishes! Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday - I have featured your quilt over on the blog!

    -Lindsey (Fort Worth Fabric Studio)

  13. Wow Tanya, that's a lot of quilts! you sleep? I love all your colors, just beautiful!

  14. Wow--you have been busy! Love all your quilts--awesome find on that $3.50 p/y backing!

  15. You are so productive!! Beautiful quilts!

  16. Each quilt is simply beautiful. Love the quilting. And all for such a great cause. Bravo!!!

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