Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jammin' in January

 Greetings! It is hard to believe that January is nearly over. I have been trying not to start anything new, but instead focusing on my UFOs and WIPs. My favorite WIP right now is the Spelling Bee Sew Along. I have actually started to work ahead on my letters in order to restrain myself from starting something new. Yesterday, we were tasked with the M blocks. It is my goal not to repeat any of the fabrics I use in my letters!
 As part of my thinking ahead, I made a school bus block--the smaller size with the plan to use it in the label of my Spelling Bee Quilt. It is so cute!
I got my first blocks completed for Fat Quarter Shop's Clementine Quilt Along. Block instructions will post on the 25th of each month. I have a link on my right hand side bar for information about this Quilt Along fundraiser for St. Jude.
 I think my Drop Everything and Make It--DREAMi!
for January was this sweet Valentine's pillow. I made it in an afternoon from Sherri's tutorial you can find here:
My January One Monthly Goal (OMG) was my Chains of Love Quilt. This was a UFO from last year  and I got it done earlier in the month. It looks fabulous on my couch in the living room with my new Valentine's pillows. Check out everyone's January OMGs here:
I love to hand bind quilts especially in the winter when I can burrow under them to watch TV on the couch with my dogs in the evening. I bind quilts for one of my local quilt shops and I earn a discount that way. One of my friends who works at the LQS knows I love to bind, and I always tell her I would be happy to bind for her. She finally took me up on my offer. She gave me two quilts--both massive! This one was more than 440+ inches of binding and I finished it up last night. She is in the market to purchase her own longarm and we are planning on trading longarm quilting for my hand binding--sounds like a perfect trade to me! I will get started on her other quilt today for Slow Sunday Stitching:
I made an impulse buy the other evening! It is probably not a good idea to have a credit card on file with Etsy... I have admired this quilt for a few years. It is called Postcard from Sweden. There was a quilt along last year and I regretted not making it then, so when I saw that Sandra from mmm! quilts has a quilt along planned to start on Valentine's Day--I immediately started looking to find a kit to buy. Then, I found a kit to make the bigger version and it included free shipping, so I caved and bought it.  If you are interested in joining the quilt along, the information is here:

This is where I bought my kit--it makes the bigger version and had free shipping:

I am heading in to my sewing room to prep another UFO for quilting--I need to keep jammin'!



  1. I love your school bus, so cute. Postcards is my dream quilt. I did not know there is a kit. Please tell me where I could get it. This could be an exception to my No New Fabric Year.

  2. Your projects are all looking great! I love the Valentine pillow. What a great deal - trading binding for long-arming - I would jump on that, too, as I love to do the binding part. Have fun!

  3. Oh dear, I've been wanting to make Postcard from Sweden for ages. I might have to look around for a kit so I don't get into any more trouble than I should. Thanks for the info?!

  4. I like the Postcard quilt too...on my list. You have been super busy during the month.

  5. That school bus block is too cute. Especially love the not round wheels. LOL Postcard from Sweden is spectacular!

  6. Beautiful valentine quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  7. I have the kit to make the Postcards from Sweden, but I don't know if I have the larger version. What size will the larger version be? I'm doing the quilt along.

    1. The bigger version finishes 60x75--the difference is the size that the triangles finish at. Join the quilt along with us!

  8. Chains of Love turning out great--love it! You are going to have a lot of fun with the sew along quilt--so happy and colorful!

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  10. As always, love all your projects and so enjoy seeing what you are up to! I think the Postcards from Sweden Quilt is gorgeous, but I'm not a half square triangle fan... and this year's birthday block is full of them!

  11. And have I told you how cute your little sign board is? It cracks me up!

  12. The school bus is adorable as is the Chain of Hearts quilt. Nice progress and finishes (and starts). Claire aka knitnkwilt

  13. As a former schoolteacher, I LOVE that school bus block! Yay for that adorable DREAMi! pillow, (thank you for linking up!) and YAHOO for joining in with my ever-growing (like who knew?) Postcard from Sweden QAL and spreading the word. :-)

  14. Love the idea of putting a school bus block with the letters. That will be fun.
    And well done on your finishes.
    Trading binding for LAQ sounds perfect to me!
    Love the quilt you have ordered!!!

  15. Your Valentine dream pillow is the same color scheme as my cubicle cover - teal and hearts = fabric love.


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