Saturday, June 7, 2014


Since my hubby is camping, I joined in on Friday Night with Friends. I enjoyed a glass of this sparkly, bubbly, screw top wine. Although it sounds cheap, at $10 a bottle it is on the high end of my wine purchases! We do not live near a Trader Joe's so there is no two buck chuck for me. My friends and I call this wine "Mommy Kool Aid" and it is available in three flavors. I like the red best, but the pink and white are good too.

A few weeks ago I saw the unveiling of this mystery quilt on Butterfly Threads' blog
I think it looks like sunflowers and so summery. I started digging in my stash to make one. I am going to have 16 blocks in mine making it square, but am using the same color scheme as shown here. I really don't need another quilt, but had no self-control when I saw this design. Plus, it was a free pattern and I know I can make it out of fabric I have on hand. Diane's instructions are easy to follow. I spent Friday Night with Friends working on the yellow pieces. I finished cutting and sewing them. Now I just need to trim them down to 3.5 inches and select my brown centers. She recommended using one brown, but I might go scrappy with them too.
In Friday's mail, I received a package all the way from Dublin, Ireland. It was from Linda (Sew Nicely on Flickr). She was very generous!

I had requested a floral themed mug rug. She outlined the flowers on the fabric with beautiful embroidery stitches.

She included some fun Irish trinkets including a new coffee mug my teenager will try to swipe. Both sides of the mug rug are adorable. It is definitely reversible and I cannot decide which side I like better.

I just received info about a new swap partner that I am supposed to make a needle book for, so I have some digging around in my stash to do. Be sure and check out this link to see what all our friends were working on last night...


  1. LOL I had coffee and lollies, Might look at a glass of wine next time.
    I love the quilt and your Irish goodies, I love happy mail

  2. The quilt is lovely - love the Irish goodies too!
    Lovely to get a surprise in the mail.

  3. It is a lovely quilt..and also lovely goodies in the mail..

  4. No wine for me this time... I'm back on the wagon! :o) The blocks you have made are so pretty... gorgeous yellows. Nice that you can make it from fabrics you already have... a bit like getting a freebie quilt! :o) Lovely goodies you got from Ireland.

  5. Beautiful Summer Sunflower quilt design... I see sunflowers too!
    What fun goodies from Dublin!
    Hope you had a sip of that wine for me... medication I take doesn't allow any alcohol... not that I was a lush... but I sure miss an occasional glass of wine!!!

  6. I'm having some bubbly red tonight while I have a look around. I'm enjoying the reading. Enjoy yourself


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