Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trip Preparation

My teen and I are taking off at the crack of dawn in the morning in order to meet my sister and her family in Salt Lake City by midday. My brother-in-law has his first radiation and chemo in the afternoon and we are going to entertain my niece and nephew. They have a long car ride and so do we, so we will probably try something physical. I am working on an embroidery BOM called "Let It Snow" my sister had bought it and never started. I made one years ago in all blues. This one is done in red and green. I have about half the embroideries done and hope to make a big dent in these while staying in SLC.
I have signed up for an new embroidery BOM called "Journey of a Quilter" and would like to have this top assembled and ready for hand quilting before I start this new BOM that should be arriving any day.
My mom called this morning and asked for a favor which is really shocking because it is usually the other way around! She is home recovering from her knee replacement surgery and using a walker. She realized that she needed some sort of tote/carrier for her walker and was wondering if I could make her one. She was thinking a bigger version of the get well fabric basket I had made, but I went online and found a tutorial on Youtube called Sewing a Walker Tote by Jimmie Lanley. I did not have enough coordinating Velcro, so I made ties. I also did not divide the pocket on one side, so she will have room for her iPad or a sewing project. I also quilted one of the body pieces to give it more stability. It only took me about an hour and definitely would have been quicker if I did not quilt it, but it fit and should do the job! I did not get a good picture...
While in SLC, I want to make it over to Material Girls as both my mom and my sister say it is fantastic. I am hoping to buy some more Scrumptious fabric if they have any available and see this new BOM in person considering I have already signed up for it based on pictures. Also, we will raid Trader Joe's. I borrowed the coffin sized cooler, so we can really stock up. Of course no trip to a big city is complete for my daughter without some serious mall shopping.  She also wants to do some of the driving over and home, but we will see how the weather is! Her driving 75 mph scares me, but we are only 4 months from her driving on her own. Yikes, I feel old! Happy Quilting!

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  1. I really like that the walker bag goes completely over the top bar and doesn't just have a couple of straps. Very sturdy. Nice, springy colors, too. My thoughts are with you and your family. Ya'll seem to have a lot going on. Take care.


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