Sunday, March 23, 2014

Calendar Advice?

I managed to piece the base for the perpetual calendar I have been working on. I cut up a "Wishes" charm pack to use for the border. I plan on quilting the border diagonally through the squares with perle cotton. I can't decide on the color and would love to hear some advice from you all out in blogland. I was thinking of black, but I could also use red or lime green. The backing is lime green with a red dot.

 I colored all my embroidered numbers and started sewing them and flipping them. I chose to use Velcro instead of buttons and elastic hairbands as the pattern called for. I think the Velcro will be more durable, but it sure took forever to sew it on the base and all the number backings. I will have to hand stitch the numbers closed. I need to gather hand work for our Salt Lake City adventure, maybe these should come along!
I was totally caught unprepared this last Christmas with gifts for my coworkers, so I have made it a goal to whip up some little gifts throughout the year in preparation for Christmas 2014. I made this cute pouch using this tutorial

It is hard to see, but I quilted the pouch with a wavy quilting stitch on my Pfaff that I have never used before. It is adorable and I can't wait to use this quilting stitch for something bigger and that will show the quilting more. I have had my machine for 2+ years, but I am still learning all of its features. I tried the zipper foot today, but I think I did better without it.

I am heading in to bed early as I have another cold. I will embroider a Christmas BOM I inherited from my sister...
A few of you have asked about swaps and there is a new one starting on Flickr for April where we are making tote bags. You have to join Flickr and create a mosaic to sign up, but I managed to make a mosaic by googling "how to make a mosaic for Flickr" it was pretty easy. Here is the link to the Flickr sign ups if you are interested!


  1. I think black might be a really good choice for doing the quilting if you want the quilting to stand out visually as well as texturally. If you use the red or lime green, there will be some blocks where the quilting will all but disappear.

    I love the fabric you used for the zippered pouch. Turtles are a favorite of mine. One of your co-workers is going to be very pleased come Christmas time.

  2. Hopefully SPrinG will help with those bugs...
    And you can never be too ready with xmas gifts can you! :)

  3. That calendar is looking great. Love your numbers.

  4. What a cool perpetual calendar you are making... since all your main outlining on the calendar seems black or dark colored... black or dark brown would look lovely big stitch quilted I think! Love the little bag you made... I too am already preparing for Christmas... in my head for now! But soon.. Thanks for sharing at Kathy's so I could see what you are up to! Kathi

  5. I like the idea of black stitching on it. The little tote is cute! Thanks for sharing.
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