Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday Night with Friends & Saturday Sewing

I was really motivated to get into the sewing room last night and finish up so goodies for my swap partner. I had already made my partner the drawstring bag and needle book and I thought a pin cushion of some sort would be good. I found a tutorial from Riley Blake and made this.
 I should have used a busy background instead of the light blue with white dots. It shows all the pulling where the pillow top pin cushion is...
Needless to say it it NOT swap worthy and will remain for my use only!!! What a flop!!!

Today with a fresh prospective, I made a small coordinating pin cushion.

Here is what I am sending off to my partner. In the needle book, there are embroidery needles and small embroidery scissors.

We were supposed to send sweets, but my partner specifically requested none! This was kind of a bummer as we have a chocolate factory in my town, so sweets are fun and easy to find around here. Much, much, much easier in fact than fabric and notions! I hope this puts her in a cheery, springtime mood even if the only sweet thing is some tea.
The drawstring bag was easy to make, so now I am going to start a couple of drawstring bags for my niece and nephew for Easter and will make a trip to the chocolate factory! The bags would be faster if I don't embroider them, but I just love embroidering and then I can work on them for Slow Sunday Stitching tomorrow.


  1. I love that fabric range!! So fresh!!
    What a lucky lady your swap buddy is!!!!
    Barb :)

  2. Beautiful fabric choices, You have a lucky swap buddy.

  3. The pin cushion is still very cute and useful. You just need to figure out the puckering problem. I'm sure that there is some way to avoid it.
    I love that little draw string bag, I can see why you take the time to add embroidery. I love embroidery, just have trouble finding enough time for everything I want to do =)

  4. What a dreamy package of lovelies! I love everything! I read your comment on Pretty By Hand's blog and adore your idea of making book covers for your students. I'm also a teacher and I'd love to know more about that, how you do it, pattern, size, etc??? Looking forward to hearing from you!

  5. Beautiful work and such a lucky swap partner!


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