Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shush - I'm Doing the ABC BOW

Shush I'm Quilting I am trying to get caught up! My book came on Monday in the mail. I photocopied it on Tuesday, traced the A block and B block on Wednesday, stitched the A block the same night and started on the B block. Both the boy and girl quilts are so cute, I might just make both, but I did start with the boy version.
I trace my embroidery designs with a regular old pencil. I had bought plain white Kona fabric, but after receiving the book. I took her advice and used the darker cream with a dot from my stash. I like to back my embroideries with Warm and Natural batting and stitch through it. This provides stability and hides my messy stitches and back from showing through the fabric.

I am not using embroidery floss, but instead opting for my favorite perle cotton #8. The stitches will be a little thicker, but I like how the perle cotton looks and holds up over time.
I have plenty of perle cotton on hand and should be able to make this quilt entirely from my stash. Should I assemble the blocks as we go or just embroider them?


  1. That's one handsome little anty fellow. I'm pretty sure you need to send me your gorgeous cotton jars. Yep! :-)

  2. My worry about making my blocks as I go is that I won't be able to rearrange the fabric order several dosen times, to ensure even spread of colours, as the alphabet obviously has an order, so I'm leaving that bit til the end. Lovely ant. Xx

  3. cute! I am leaving my block making till the end too :-)


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