Thursday, May 30, 2019

Summer Sewing Begins!

My summer officially began on Tuesday, but I had already begun my first summer sewing project on Saturday. I signed up to sew Pineapple Blocks for an upcoming event for the Fat Quarter Shop. I dislike paper piecing very much, but I have had a pineapple quilt on my quilting bucket list for years. Kimberly Jolly live-streamed a great tutorial for making these blocks a few weeks ago, so that helped me immensely.
These Pineapple Blocks will finish at six inches. The paper piecing of them is getting faster and easier with practice, but it really bothers me how much fabric waste there is. I am using left over solid scraps and got a couple of solid bundles for this one.

My other summer sewing will include a couple of baby quilts and I have four quilts (including a king sized one) out with my two longarm friends, so there is lots of binding up ahead. So far our weather is not summery yet...


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the waste of a pineapple quilt being bothersome. Maybe that's why they tend to be sewn from scraps? I look forward to hearing what you think after you finish since one of those is on my list to try sometime.

  2. Love your pineapple blocks so far! On my bucket list too. :)

  3. When I made my pineapple quilt a few years back, I also did paper piecing, so I do think that's the way to go. I'd also cut the strips ahead of time, so there wasn't that much waste. Your blocks are looking super!


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