Sunday, May 19, 2019

Baby Shower

This week I focused on the baby shower I was hosting. My friend, Stephanie, and I divided and conquered all of the tasks. I took care of food, drinks, favors, and the location. She handled games, prizes, and some decor. I opted to have a donut tower cake--very easy and inexpensive.
Stephanie made this precious and practical diaper cake.
I made shower poof rattles as favors that doubled as centerpieces. They were easy to make and by adding the elephant to the vase, they became great centerpieces. I used scrapbook paper to make the elephants--I used some as garland and lots in vases.
I used some happy quilts as tablecloths and lilacs from my yard for the gift table and around the house.
Stephanie had a board book as the guest book. The little bottles of Barefoot White Zinfandel were prizes and decor. Yes, that is the top of my Singer treadle machine--it is my entryway table!
This was a fun and practical game.
I had a "momosa" bar with a few kinds of juices, fresh fruit, sparkling cider, and champagne. It was big hit with all of the teachers since we are end of the school year tired and need adult beverages! We had a yogurt parfait bar, pinwheels, and deviled eggs--simple and delicious. The baby shower was a success thanks to Stephanie and Pinterest! 
 I am working on this baby quilt for my friend that is becoming a grandma in July.
So far, I have only quilted on the diagonal of the triangles. I am trying to decide how much more quilting to do...Thoughts? I think it needs some more, but not sure if I should cross hatch it or stitch along the half square triangle squares.
This year, I did not join in the Hands2Help 2019 Charity Quilt Drive. I felt kind of guilty about it since I usually participate. I have sent quilts to Happy Chemo over the years, but since I made two chemo quilts in December for work friends I decided to pass. I found out this morning I have another friend with cancer. She had surgery this last week and is awaiting results to see if she needs chemo or radiation too. Sounds like I may need another chemo quilt. I went to my pile of UFOs and found this very old (15+ years old) batik quilt. The wind is fierce today, so I had to go back to my garden fence to get a decent picture.
When I grabbed this out of my UFO pile, it did not have an outer border and was a little small. I didn't find anything in my batik bin, so I ran up to the fabric store and got the border in the batik flat folds for $7. It now measures 67 inches square. I will quilt this one myself, so it will be done quickly. I had a batik backing for it, but now that it is likely to be used for cancer treatments I want something softer. I have a turquoise in my stash that would work, but I am tempted to go get some minky. I am planning a solid black binding.

Technically, this is my last week of work, but I am done with the kid part. I have lots of paperwork and some meetings. Also, I have to pack up two of my classrooms and I found out on Wednesday I have to move my main classroom. Such a bummer--I love my room and have been there for 5 years, but it is close to the kindergarten rooms and will be used a playroom for them. I am moving back to another trailer I have been in before; it is actually a little bigger and is not next to the music/art room so it should be quieter. The custodians can't move me until May 30 or 31, so it will kind of delay the start of my summer vacation and be exhausting. I wish I had had more notice, but the purging has begun!

Have a good week!


  1. Your batik quilt for your friend with cancer will surely bring many smiles and much comfort with it's beauty and your thoughtful stitching. Good luck with the room move. I helped my mom move her room a couple of times. Never fun, but always good to shake things up once it's done.

  2. Can't believe you left that gorgeous batik quilt unfinished for so long, but now you have a good reason to get it done. Look at needing to move your main classroom as an opportunity to purge and organize. After all you will be retiring someday and then you'll be happy you don't have to clean out 30 years of accumulated stuff.

  3. That stack of donuts makes me want to go to the local grocery store and get my favorite Long John in the bakery.
    The diaper cake is pretty. I had forgotten about those sort of things. I have not been to a baby shower in many, many years.

  4. Your baby shower looks like it was a great success. I think you're right, the triangle baby quilt needs more quilting. I think stitching down the other side of the triangles would look good.
    Love the batik quilt. Minky would be great for the back.


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