Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Piggy Bank Bust

 Last summer, Val put out the Second Annual Piggy Bank Savings and I of course joined in thinking that it was a great idea. It is a great idea for people who actually use cash, but for me it did not go great! It is down right pathetic actually! Here is my jar--I saved $31.86 in change. The ten dollar bill is from when my hubby raided all the quarters out of my bank before we went to Las Vegas in December. Then, we had to go to the one and only casino that still uses coins--UGGHHH! You can see how everyone else did with the challenge here
I think I will just keep adding to my jar when I have any change.

The bright side is I charge everything I can to get a cash back bonus. I get quite a lot back each month and I spend my cash back bonus on my quilting supplies at Amazon like rotary blades, needles, pins, and Wonder clips. By the way, when you go to order Olfa rotary blades on Amazon, look for the 10 pack it is listed with tools not crafting supplies. Today it is listed for $22 http://www.amazon.com/OLFA-45mm-Rotary-Blades-10-pack/dp/B001705RTQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436282878&sr=8-1&keywords=10+pack+olfa+rotary+cutting+blades. That is a smoking deal!
 I continue to get my girlie embroidered alphabet books. I love dogs, so I chose to make the puppy instead of the purse.
 The sweet little quilt looks adorable!
And the rainbow showcases most of the colors I have been using.

Priscilla from San Diego and Nancy from Montrose--you both left comments on my blog and I would love to respond to you, but you are no reply comments. Leave me another comment and include your emails, so I can respond!

I am getting all my stuff together for our retreat and will post some details about that soon!


  1. Hey a penny saved is a penny earned though. I know I always have to be quite intentional to even save cash....75% of my bank was filled with dollar bills. But hey, we still have a little made cash! Your embroideries are adorable and hope you'll stop by SUnday to continue the challenge next year. Looking forward to hearing about your retreat plans!

  2. When I had my mortgage, I would empty my wallet of loonies and twoonies. We no longer have one and two dollar bills, just coins. They make your pocket very heavy. Each year on my mortgage anniversary I would empty two coin banks I had and would put a bonus payment on the mortgage.

    I still have the banks, but haven't added or deleted recently. Maybe I need to find something special to buy as a treat.

    It was also my emergency bank at times when I could get to the ATM!

  3. Tanya, I'm at. coaching49@cox.net

  4. I'm going to join the 3rd annual piggy bank challenge and see how I fare. I typically use my debit card and rarely have cash but this may change :)

  5. Thanks for the tip about the Olfa blades at Amazon. I just bought a new Olfa rotary cutter, so knowing how to find a good price on blades will be good! I love your little embroidered ABC blocks! I'm curious to see what you're going to do with them!

  6. I love your blocks. I made a couple of the boy blocks once, but I'd love to eventually make a whole quilt!

  7. Saving coins is a great idea! (It does help when we restrict ourselves to using cash, too.) Your embroidered blocks are darling!

  8. Great info on the rotary blades. Thank you. Lovely work on the embroideries, too.

  9. I had a gallon jar half to two thirds full of change. Before we made our move up north, in January, I rolled everything I could from that jar. You know, because glass jars + fumbles = coins and glass all over the frozen ground. Did not want to see that so...I had around $63. Not bad, I don't remember how long it took. I started in again, once we got up here, but my daughter saw a really good deal on some tack, I had already pulled the limit from the ATM, so we took all the change out of the second run of the jar and all the cash I had on hand, and off they went to get the tack. I have to start over again now. And I don't carry much cash, it all goes on my debit card. And that's how I make a short story long...sorry about that!

  10. BTW...I love your embroidered squares for a quilt! I need to do that!

  11. I always raid my coins to pay the change part of a bill, using them up as I go, so I never have coins left for long. But I do a cash back thing with the credit card and use it for gift cards. Kind of the same thing. Amazon here I come!!

  12. A challenge like this would have been a bust for me too. Any change that I do end up with, gets used up along the way for other purchases. I have a small coin purse where I do keep extra change if my wallet does happen to get too heavy but the coin purse isn't even half full.

    I love that you changed things up and made a puppy instead of a purse.

    And thanks for the link to the rotary cutter blades... that is an awesome deal!


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