Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mom to the Rescue!

I did not get much sewing in this week, but thanks to my mom I have a finish. She quilted up this Angry Birds quilt for me on Friday
and I bound it yesterday. It is for a nine year old, so I machine bound it.
My mom stippled it on her long arm and used lime green thread.
I pieced the back with some left over nocks and a $4 a yard lime green since that is his favorite color.
I did keep up with the Little Letters this week and made my I blocks,
my J blocks,
and this morning I made the K blocks which are a little tricky, but came out perfectly.
My hubby harvested the rest of the carrots from our garden and I made spicy, pickled taqueria carrots with them and our home grown jalapeƱos.
There was no need to can them as they will be eaten up quickly.
 The leaves are changing and we have had some rain lately, so the grass is still green. It is windy today and rain is dropping.
These pictures are looking out my kitchen window. It is hard to tell, but there are two horses in my neighbor's pasture and it is fun to watch them run around.
 I am going to finish binding this today and work some more on my Journey of a Quilter for 
Slow Sunday Stitching. See what everyone else is up here
I have tomorrow off from work and plan on working on some UFOs. 


  1. You have a great mom! : ) Nice finish ! :)

    I would love to look out of my window and watch horses run around :)

  2. Such fun bright projects. Really love the little quilt on your dryer! Just too cute!

  3. I'm sure the nine year old will love the Angry Birds quilt. I thought of you yesterday because we were watching Bathurst 1000 from Australia on TV. It's a car race that went from midday til 8.30pm! It usually finishes about 6pm but there were a lot of crashes and stoppages this year. I got quite a bit of stitching done yesterday, watching all that car racing.

  4. Looks like you have been keeping yourself busy and out of trouble!

  5. Kids love Angry Birds. I don't think I have ever actually seen them other than internet pictures.

  6. So many lovely projects... you are making great progress!


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