Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Good and the Bad

The Good is tonight is the first NFL game of the season and my family is thrilled beyond belief!
Don't let the sleeping dogs fool you, we are happy dancing at my house over the start of football again!
But the Bad, we are very sad over the passing of Joan Rivers. We all adored her and watched "Fashion Police" often to hear her hilarious jokes. There are not many celebrities out there that can appeal to a 16 year old fashionista, a 42 year old quilter, and a 53 year old outdoorsman, but Joan did. We will miss your snarky and politically incorrect humor. RIP Joan! 

When I came home from work, I checked our peaches. Our tree is loaded and the peaches are the biggest we have ever had. They are not quite ready, but the wind had knocked several to the ground.
I used the fallen peaches to make a peach cobbler for dessert during the game tonight. I added extra sugar and softened up the peaches in the microwave, so I hope it tastes good.
I also made homemade pizza. This one has tomatoes and basil from our garden plus pepperoncinis and red onions for my vegetarian daughter.
 This one has bacon alfredo sauce, baked potato slices, and turkey-pepperjack sausage for my meat and potatoes hubby.
 My beverage is ready
and so is our new "Loser" hat. My family of three make our weekly picks of all the NFL games and the loser of the betting will get to wear this new ball cap my mom an dad had made for us. I don't plan on wearing it often, but it fits my hubby just right!
My sewing basket is loaded up with handwork for during tonight's game and Sunday's all day marathon of games.
 Here is my spot
and here is our giant 60 inch TV with the game. Go Seahawks! My hubby picked the Packers...


  1. Good luck on yur game choice, great basket for quilting!

    I had the opportunity to go to one of her shows when she came to Expo 86 in Vancouver B.C. My friend had free tickets and we were in the second row I think. My cheeks were sore the next day from laughing so hard and saying...she didn't really say that did she. Amazing wit and a great loss.

    Enjoy your game tonight.

  2. Sounds like fun. In Australia our football codes are heading into the finals so am off to watch my team play tomorrow night.

  3. I've just spent from noon until 3.30pm watching Roger Federer come back from being 2 sets down to win his quarter final against Gael Monfils. Lucky no one else was home because I was shouting and cheering him on. This could be his year (again).

  4. Guess your hubby wears the hat-------go Seahawks!

  5. Sounds like you have a great system for preparing before the games. Good for you and I hope your hubby is enjoying the hat!

  6. Oh I am so glad you posted this, had to show my husband so he wouldn't think I am the only NFL quilter. Football season is hand-sewing season in my house, too. I love your Loser hat and may have to come up with something similar for use here. I don't have a favorite team but I love picking winners. I justify watching football all day Sunday by looking at the big pile of hand sewing I accomplish.

  7. And I know you aren't wearing that hat! (We are Sea Hawk fans in our household too) Love seeing your sewing choice of beverage is wine with dinner....then tea as the night progresses and I settle into sewing.

  8. Everything looked great, wish I lived closer. But we ordered out and did basically the same thing here. :-)

  9. I enjoyed your post. Your pizza and cobbler sound divine.


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