Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Progress

I am ahead on the Shush I'm Quilting ABC BOW. Here is my F Block. I am actually working on the P is for Puppy block now. I decided to work ahead and start the girl blocks once I am done with the boy versions.
I finally broke down and started working on piecing this quilt. My embroideries were already completed. I wanted to make my version a little more scrappy than the design shows. Here it is in progress.

I embroidered it with a Valdani variegated perle cotton in rusts and browns  instead of the black that the pattern recommended.
I am using some oranges and rusts especially for some of the spacer blocks and for the leaves that will be appliqued on, but also lots of browns and golds from my scraps.

I found a gorgeous leaves print for my border in my stash, I think it may have been inherited from my sister.

Hopefully, I will get this completely pieced today. Then I can applique it, later in the week. I have parent/teacher conferences this week, so most of my evenings will be shot. But, I will have Friday off, so a three day weekend to look forward to...I need to trace the leaves for appliqueing and iron them. Then I find, they peel off better if I let them sit over night. I also hope to get started on this month's Schnibbles pattern, Clover, maybe I can at least get that cut this afternoon. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. This is so cute! Love those acorns in the checkerboard block! What a perfect match up of quilting and embroidery!

  2. I love the scarecrow piece, the acorns are delightful. I thought was up to date with my sewing but I have totally forgotten this months Schnibble pattern. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Your fall mini is just darling... nice embroidery!!! I like the scrappiness too! Have a productive 3 day weekend... you will deserve it after conferences!!!

  4. What an amazing quilt - it looks fantastic! Thanks for stopping by and linking up :-)


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