Sunday, February 23, 2020

Baby Quilt Factory

 The two Bjorn Bear Baby Quilts are done. The identical twin boys were born on Saturday, 2/15 and are still in the hospital.
 Excuse the lighting--it is a gray day, but I made it outside when it wasn't raining. This one has a light green background. I made most of the bears identical, but there is different bear in each quilt.
Their finished size 44 x 56 inches after washing. I quilted them with my wavy stitch on a 2.5 inch grid.
 The backings are Sew Lush from Joann's--so soft! These quilts are the first time I opted to not use any batting and I think they came out great.
The bears, deer, and foxes will be perfect colors and for the nursery theme! 
I sewed this top together today! The pattern is called Sunnyside designed by Myra Barnes of Busy Hands Quilts I decided to make it 48 inches square before quilting and washing. I will pick up a gray  minky backing and quilt this one on the diagonals with the wavy stitch. 
Next up is a baby sized Fresh As A Daisy Quilt. The lavender is the background, white petals, and the pink for the flower centers. I may also us Lori Holt's Spelling Bee to make block letters to spell the baby's name. When this one is done, I am going to take a break from baby quilts--I have one more for a June baby and two more for babies due in September, but I want to work on something else for awhile!


  1. Beautiful quilts! The twins will love the bears and the baby who gets the yellow stars will surely be the star of her/his family! Lovely work!

  2. The Bjorn Bears are darling!! I know they will be loved!

  3. Cute, cute, cute baby quilts.


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