Saturday, December 29, 2018

December OMG & DrEAMi! Complete

 I got to deliver this Patriots Quilt to my buddy on Friday. He was so touched and excited about using this quilt during his cancer treatment. Right now, he has radiation daily and chemo once a week. He is cold all the time and with our winter weather this quilty hug is needed.
I explained how Nancy sent the Patriots fabric all the way from Boston and how Glenn rushed the beer bottle quilting. He was so touched that everyone pitched in to make him his chemo quilt. He told me we shouldn't have, but he was glad we did.  This project was my DrEAMi! for December 
and my December OMG
 I am keeping up on the Good Fortune Quilt Along. This is part 6 making string blocks and cutting them down to size. You can find the information here:
 I received this amazing book from Diane at
My blog will be part of her blog hop to celebrate her new book. Check back next Saturday, 1/5/19 to see what I am making and to have the chance to win your own copy of the book!
 I have lots of 2.5 inch strips, but not as many of other widths. Since I was going to need more strips, I decided to cut for some other quilts too and add in more 2.5 inch strips.
 These are to make the Improv Christmas Trees. I kept seeing some amazing versions this month and I want to make one for next Xmas. Here is the free tutorial:
 This is Diane's first book and I had picked up a newspaper print fabric to appliqué the flowers onto when it came out, but I need all the squares for the half square triangles...I want it really scrappy so I am going to keep cutting them until I have enough. It may take me all of 2019!
Moda is hosting a string along and I am having a blast playing with strings for a few projects! Stop by next Saturday to see my creations!


  1. How kind of you and your friends to pitch together to make a much needed comfort quilt. Enjoy making the strip quilt; I should think parts of it would be ideal as leaders and enders.

  2. What a wonderful quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  3. I got Diane's 'Strip Quilt Secrets' for Christmas. Trying to decide which one to start.

  4. What a sporting awesome quilt for your friend. I'm so glad he loves it. I'm going to try some strings too.

  5. That Patriots quilt turned out great! What a wonderful quilted hug for your friend.

  6. What a wonderful gift for someone in need of a warm hug—and I’m sure the warmth he is feeling is from much more than the quilt. DrEAMi of the best kind!

  7. I love string quilts!! Purple is my favorite color, but the Kona Pool makes a very nice focal strip! I just finished emptying my 1.5" and 2" bins....but it won't take long for them to fill up again, I'm sure. Looks like a great book to inspire using up more scrap strips! Thanks for sharing in the blog hop.

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