Sunday, July 3, 2016

Slow Stitching & Soccer

Once upon a time, I was a soccer mom. I spent hours and hours at the soccer field between practices and games as well as driving all over the state of Colorado. I made the best of the time at the field with hand stitching--I got a ton of work done and it kept me from yelling quite as much. My daughter stopped playing soccer several years ago, but as a family we enjoy soccer on TV now. We sat down today to watch Iceland verses France. We were rooting for Iceland. Unfortunately, they did not win, but I managed to get a bunch of stitching in.
Today is actually cool enough to sit under a quilt--a rarity in the summer. I dug out my Love Blooms Here Quilt. I am quilting it using perle cotton #8 and chunky stitches. If the cool weather lasts, I hope to keep on working on this UFO. Be inspired by everyone's Slow Sunday Stitching here:
Friday night was Friday Night with Friends (FNwF) and I worked on some small banners that a samples for the fabric store I teach at. The banners are only 6 x 12 inches. We made kits of the patterns and fabrics and they will be sold at our local quilt show next week.
I spent the evening machine attaching the binding and then sewing it down by hand. I like the summery beach shack.
This camping one will probably be a hit, but I need to add some wool felt marshmallows on my stick for roasting. Check out what everyone else worked on here
I also completed the first step for Diane's Mystery Quilt Along, more details can be found here:


  1. Those banners are so pretty. I love the quilt that you are current quilting also. I too was a long-term soccer mom. Unfortunately, I never felt comfortable stitching on the sidelines. I always worried about my work getting dirty. I think I could have been much more productive. Enjoy your stitching.

  2. I was a curling mom and sometimes brought stitching with me to do while at the curling clubs at various bonspiels. It was always a conversation starter--one time a man asked me what I was knitting when I was doing some hand quiting. I love your little banners!

  3. You are great. How did you contain yourself and keep stitching instead of yelling at the TV.
    Kathleen Mary

  4. I especially like the cart of pumpkins. Good fall piece.

  5. I love the banner with the pumpkins!

  6. I like that you associate certain sports with stitching time. It makes a lot of sense.
    Love the little banners, too.

  7. It was a productive weekend all rouund. You have got some gorgeous projects on the go!

  8. What a lovely post full of interesting projects.
    Thanks for joining in FNwF xox


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