Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Sewing Mojo

I headed into a clean sewing room yesterday and tried to decide what to work on...I have lots of new projects waiting, but I decided to work on the Bloom Blocks from the Lori Holt Sew Along. I was pretty productive. This is Block 10.
Bloom Block 14
Bloom Block 11
Bloom Block 13
Bloom Block 12
 Bloom Block 15
 and Bloom Block 16. I have four more blocks to go. My machine started acting up during these blocks for some reason this blanket stitch is not a good one for it, but was the main reason I bought the machine in 2011. It is very frustrating because I already had it "fixed" back in March for $100 and that shop has since closed. Now, it needs to go to a repair shop an hour plus away. I made an appointment for when I go to my post op appointment on the 21st and busted out my Singer Featherweight for piecing at least, but all my appliqué projects will just have to wait.
I went into my local fabric store to check in and see how I could help prep for our upcoming local quilt show. They are participating in the national row along as well as a local row along. For the local row along, she had designed mountains and trees to go with our locale. I said it needed a log cabin and she asked me if I wanted to design one--this is what I came up with. I am really pleased with how it turned out. It was a little bit of a challenge because it is a 9.5 inch block and getting the sidewalk right took several tries.  Of course, the embroidery detail makes it so sweet. Now, I get to write up the pattern--another challenge.

Well aside from my Pfaff going down and limiting my appliquéing, I think my summer sewing mojo is back! 


  1. It does look like your mojo is back on track. Glad your surgery was at the start of your vacation so that the rest of it will be awesome. Well, after you get your machine fixed!

  2. Everything looks great! I'm doing some raw edge applique for the first time with a similar blanket stitch on my very inexpensive Brother CS-6000i. I got it on Amazon for about $150 about 2 years ago. I'm thinking I'll do Lori's Xmas quilt in raw edge applique as well (I have the templates), but I'm curious about how it'll fare when I complete it and wash it?? Good luck on getting your machine fixed, but heck for $150 you might consider the Brother?

  3. Ooooh. What is it like to walk into a clean sewing room?? Do tell!!

  4. The flower fabrics you are using are so fresh looking. Simple design that look oh so easy.

  5. I'm kinda curious about the clean sewing room too - is there really such a thing? I've heard about them, but didn't know they really existed! Your log cabin block is so cute! Love the smoke and the embroidery.

  6. You did a fantastic job with the Bloom blocks, they look great. Love the log cabin block you made too. The flowers in the window are so cute.

  7. Lovely work on your bloom blocks, but what a shame about your machine playing up. I do hope it is an easy fix this time.
    Your block for the log cabin looks great - congratulations!

  8. Lovely flowers, but your log cabin is amazing. I am sure you get you pattern well!!
    I hate it when I have problems with my machine like you. Hope you are soon able to finish your fowers.

  9. Beautiful blooms! Very sweet cabin and the embroidery is darling!

  10. Your mojo is certainly back!! Looks like we both fell behind on the Lori flowers as I too am around #10...well I dropped grand guy off yeasterday after a week of Grammy Camp...and plan to hit the Studio this weekend with joyful energy...but like you will have to undust and look around and decide where to begin!! LOVE IT!


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  12. You designed a wonderful cabin block for the row by row.

    Sorry to hear about your sewing machine woes. What kind of Pfaff do you have?

  13. I love the bright colors you've chosen for your flowers. Thank you for linking up with me for TGIFF.

  14. Sweet flowers in great colors and fabrics - gonna be great!

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