Friday, June 19, 2015

Signs of Summer

Summer is officially here in western Colorado. I spend my days sewing and trying to stay cool-- we have temperatures into the 90s now.  I hoard my Bonnie and Camille fabric, but decided to use some of it and made myself two large Watcha Got? Project Bags. These are so easy, fun, and practical!
I used a non-Bonnie and Camille lining fabric because I liked it and bought a couple of yards at $6 each. I had to make two trips to the fabric store because the first time I did not buy any of it showing restraint--then I went back up there to get some just for these bags.
I used a couple of my larger Scrumptious fabrics for the backs of the bags.
These floral fabrics are the only kind of gardening I do!
Today is Friday, so I stayed on task and made my Farm Girl Vintage blocks. Here is the Farm Fresh Flower Block
and the Farmhouse Block. I used colors that are the same as our house, but we only have a one story ranch.
Another sign of summer is the return of the crop duster. This is not our actual crop duster, but ours is indeed yellow and buzzes our house many mornings when it turns around to dust the field down the block. My dogs love the excitement even if it can be very early in the morning. Today was 10 after 7am, so not too bad!
My hubby's roses loved all the rain we got for the past couple of months and are full of blooms.
The red roses match the trim on the house.
We have been eating lots of lettuce and radishes from our garden which is great because it is so hot cooking is a pain and salads are a good summer meal.
We have a retreat coming up in a few weeks, so I am trying to figure out what to bring for it. I decided to start prepping all my fabrics for the Strawberry Social Quilt I want to make. My mom gave me some fabric and the pattern for it a couple of Christmas's ago.
Here is a great picture of a completed one I found on-line. The quilting is amazing
You can buy the pattern here
I am going to use a navy Kona for my background and don't want to repeat any of my strawberries, so I need to find some more pinks and a green for the stems and leaves.
While I was cutting all the reds and pinks for the strawberries, it was just as easy to cut a couple of more squares to make some Pie Cherries Blocks and set them in the Farm Fresh Quilt Setting as shown in Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book.
Earlier in the week, I prepped my base for the Cottage Garden Wool Felt Quilt I will be starting as soon as I finish prepping all the wool felt appliqué pieces. Prepping the wool felt and getting some more handwork ready is on my agenda for tonight as part of FNSI. Check out what everyone else was up to here

Monday is my two year blog anniversary and I am planning a giveaway, so check back soon to enter!


  1. Hallo Tanya,
    da habt Ihr es aber schön warm !
    Bei uns soll der Sommer erst noch kommen, heute ist es kalt !
    Es fehlt der Regen, wir müssen viel gießen.
    Schöne Rosen hast Du ! Unsere Rosen blühen sehr schön in diesem Jahr.
    Deine Tasche gefällt mir sehr gut und auch die Blöcke sind ja ganz zauberhaft !
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Girlfriend, you don't waste a moment of your summer vacation! Love the project bags. The fabrics are so pretty. And the strawberry quilt will be wonderful!
    Pugs and kisses,

  3. Oh I wish we could get fabric for that price. I would buy heaps. Ours is $ 25 a metre ( a little over a yard ). That's a big difference

  4. Lovely project bags. And the blocks are looking great, too.
    You look very organised for the retreat already.
    The roses are looking good, especially considering the temperature.

  5. Your project bags are so cute--love them! I wish my roses looked half as nice as yours--I have a brown thumb, I think--lol!

  6. You always share the best patterns! thanks! Glad to see your summer in productive!

  7. Love your project bags! And your house block. Now that strawberry quilt looks like it will be a fun one to make.

  8. Oh. My. B&C at $6 per yard? Can you share the shop? Maybe they sell online or by phone? Lovely :)

  9. Love the bags you have made...the strawberry quilt looks lovely Jo says I wish we could get fabric at that price!! The roses look good to be eating from the garden too!

  10. Love that gorgeous fabric used in the bags. Just scrumptious.

  11. Love your pretty makings, what wonderful designs and color-fabric combinations.

  12. So pretty and useful your little bags. Are they little? I made some Bigs without any Bottom.

    Greetings from Germany

  13. Cute bags! I'm hoping to catch up on my FGV blocks in a day or two. Your house really turned out good. I have Strawberry Social on my list too, such a lovely pattern :)

  14. Wow! You really accomplished alot.

    Signs of summer indeed. Pretty roses and the garden looks delish. I love summer would think I could lose some weight.

  15. Wow Tanya! So many great projects! Love your Watchya Got bags, what a great idea! Farm Girl is coming along beautifully! And that Strawberry Social quilt will looks so great on a navy background.
    Happy 2 year blogging anniversary!

  16. You have been so busy! Those bags are darling; I love the look of them. Thanks for linking up to MCM Tanya!


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