Sunday, June 28, 2015

E, F, and G Week

 I shared this project I was starting last week. It is the girl version embroidered alphabet from S is for Stitch by Kristine Czepuryk. My stitches are not nearly as precise as hers, but I am pleased with my blocks. My lazy daisy stitches are not great and neither are my open lazy daisy stitches, but I won't get any better without some more practice. E is for endurance in my book!
 I did the feather block this morning for Slow Sunday Stitching 
Click the link to see what everyone else is working on.
F is also for the Farm Girl Vintage sew along blocks. 
Here are my versions of this week's--the Feed and Seed Block. Mine is far from perfect, but it is a sweet block. I don't know why I lost all the corners on my plus sign in the middle...
The Fresh Pears Block--I love pears, so I just want to eat them. I need to embroider the seeds on the right pear.
The G is for Gift Block whipped right up.
 Speaking of G--I made a gift to donate to a local silent auction. I made the small version of the Watcha Got? bag. I dug into my supply of Bath & Body Works and found Wild Citrus Sunflower shower gel and lotion, so why not make the bag coordinate. The auction's theme is bags, but I hope it sells for a reasonable price--last year things went for pennies on the dollar. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!
 I used up a sunflower fat quarter in my stash for the outside of the bag. I used a 9 inch zipper from my stash. Can I just recommend to everyone--order your zippers on-line? I bought a bunch from Zip It, an Etsy store, last year for like a third of the price available at Joann's. I just ordered some from Amazon with totally free shipping and no minimum order, so I will let you know how they are.
 I was not sure what to do for a zipper pull and then I thought about my button collection. I prefer to use "Lanyard Hooks" instead of "O Rings" to attach charms to zippers because no tools are needed and they make the pull longer.
 Buttons with shanks on the back are easy to attach and there are many more buttons available at Joann's than charms.
I used a big yellow gingham from my stash for the inside. I think I am going to make another one of these to keep on hand as a gift for when I need one. I have been stitching up more gifts this week, but I can't reveal them yet.
G is also for Gloat this week. Our gorgeous daughter got her latest ACT scores and she did awesome--a 33 composite and a 35 on both math and English. She is also number one in her class, so we are hopeful that she can get into one of the upper tier colleges she wants to go to! 
G is also for Giveaway. I am giving away this bag, pin cushion, and other goodies. Go to this blog post to comment
I will announce the winner on Tuesday and reveal some of my secret sewing!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter. The hard work really pays off, hope she gets the college of her choice.

    Love the embroidery blocks. Your stiches look great.

    My Feed and Seed block was a little challenging but the pears are my favorite of this week's blocks. The FGF sew along is really fun.

  2. Your stitching looks great. Gorgeous daughter, so pretty and smart! That sunflower themed bag is really cute, hope it brings in a good amount for the auction.

  3. I'm considering skipping the feed and seed block. Lots are saying it didn't go together well. It's almost too many small pieces for my liking. Your sunflower bag is cute. Great idea for adding the pull! Congrats to your beautiful daughter!

  4. wow! Your daughter is both beautiful and smart. I'm sure she takes after her mother. Looks like you and I have both been working with sunflower fabrics this month.

  5. Those pears are my favorite so far--very cute!!

  6. Congratulations to your daughter. Both of my children were the top of their class. It is still hard to get into the colleges of their choice. Both of mine went to Boston College. I love that Sunflower bag. I really like your embroidery too. Practice definitely helps us to improve.

  7. Hello Tanya! Love your embroideries and your blocks... I haven't made mine yet this week... must get them done soon! :) x

  8. Lots of fun with your alphabet post. The embroidery blocks are looking great as are the pieced blocks.
    Your bag for the auction is a great idea..
    Congrats to you daughter for her great results. Well done.

  9. Such fun projects -- I especially love those pears! Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday! :)

  10. Well done to your daughter!!!!! Fantastic! The bag you have made is wonderful!!

  11. The alphabet embroidery is just charming, I've fallen for it! And the bags your DD has made are just the thing - so much prettiness!

  12. These embroidered alphabet blocks are so cute!

    I love that sunflower bag and hope it went for a good price at the auction after you put so much thought and work into it.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party! Hugs!


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