Saturday, May 9, 2015

Secret Sewing & More

My hubby asked me to make throw pillow covers for his mom for Mother's Day--he wanted spring themed. I made four 18 inch pillow covers, but only remembered to take pictures of one of them--this flower. I also made another flower, a butterfly, and a bumblebee using all spring fabrics. I mailed them on Monday and she received them, so I can reveal this secret sewing. I made the envelope backs using the method shown on Crazy Mom Quilts 
It is super simple!
I also finished up all of my book covers. These are gifts for my 5th graders who are moving on to middle school next year. I made them according to their favorite colors.
Bright colors are popular with 10-11 year olds!
So far I have delivered the book covers to one group of kids and they were really excited about them.
 Most of these will be given out this next week.
 Did I mention I made 30 of these in a few days?
Plus, I only spent $20 because I shopped mostly in my stash. 
I wrapped them simply and inexpensively in brown paper bags with simple ribbons. With all of the book covers done, I could go back to my own sewing...
 Yesterday was Friday which means Farm Girl Friday! I am making the six inch blocks from my scraps. This is the Autumn Star Block. Since my background fabric has black dots, I decided to pull some black in to tie it all together. I love how this block came out!
Next up was the Baby Chick Block. It was fun and simple too. There is a baby quilt made completely of these baby chick blocks with pinks featured in the book--I definitely will put that on my to do list. Also on my to do list is the mini heart quilt Lori featured on Friday, here is the link
 I spent last night and this morning finishing up the hand quilting on my Journey of a Quilter BOM Quilt. This is the label on the back.
 Most of it is just stitched in the ditch with perle cotton #8. I did use a stencil flower border since it is the only quilting that really shows up.
  I just attached the lime green binding and will spend the evening and tomorrow morning working on it.
 Here is the backing. I am joining many others with the hand quilting for Slow Sunday Stitching and this should be my last Sunday working on my Journey of a Quilter! Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Tanya, I start by saying that you blew me away with your sewing for all of your 5t graders. What a loving thing to do! Kids love their initials on things too.
    That little chic block is so sweet and Autumn Star looks great with the black added.
    I could gaze in fascination at Journey of a Quilter for a long time - such beautiful work!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! We celebrated in March here in the UK. Love all the projects you have shared. Your Farm House Vintage blocks are lovely and the book covers are such nice gifts! Enjoy your day! :) x

  3. What a kind thing to give them handmade book covers! Your FGV blocks are so cute. I really enjoyed making the chick block and I also want to make the pink full chick quilt. So darn cute! Your Journey of a Quilter is just stunning!! So beautiful :)

  4. Lovely gifts for your MIL. Very cheerful!
    Great to see the next blocks added tot he collection.
    Fantastic to see the finish nearly there with your quilt, too. The border quilting is lovely. Good luck with the last part of the binding!

  5. Wonderful gifts for your MIL and those kids are very lucky to have you as their teacher! Enjoy finishing up you lovely quilt and Happy Mother's Day : )

  6. I am trying to resist joining Lori's sew along--your blocks are very cute! A whole quilt of little chicks would be adorable!

  7. Love your Journey of a Quilter, it's beautiful!

  8. I really like your baby chick block. You have been doing a whole lot of sewing. It is so nice of you to give your students gifts. Journey of a quilter is beautiful.

  9. Lucky students.
    I especially like the color arrangement in the Autumn Star block.

  10. Wonderful Journey of a Quilter quilt! I love the quilting. You really made it your own! Your students will remember you fondly every time they use those book covers. I have made a few of the Farm Girl blocks too. I made a chicken this past week. It is on my blog post from yesterday. I am using 30's prints and making 9 hens for a wall hanging.

  11. Your book covers are great! Your students will love them!

  12. Your Journal of a Quilter is looking amazing - lots to look at and I love your bold pink border with the lime green. I also very much like your star block and think adding in the black spotty fabric was an excellent move.

  13. The book covers are adorable...but wow, 30! Very special gift you are giving them for the journey to middle school.


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