Sunday, January 27, 2019

Spools 2 Underway

Greetings Quilty friends! I made it a personal goal to get my Spools 2 top together by the end of this month. I have been working all day today on getting the blocks together. I used a bunch of my Bonnie and Camille scraps for all the spools.
 All I have left is to add the outer 2.5 inch borders in the background fabric. I already have a backing and an extra spool block to turn into my label. It will be good to have this one in the waiting to be quilted pile.
I finished binding this batik beauty for my friend Rachel--I bound two this week for her and dropped off my Good Fortune Quilt for her to work her longarm magic on. I have a few more quilts all prepped to bind for Slow Sunday Stitching this evening:
Yesterday, I made my Harry Potter blocks. My door under the stairs will get a button for a handle.
This is my Hermione Selfie Block for that Harry Potter quilt. You can find links to the sew alongs on my right hand sidebar.
I also made the two blocks for the Vintage Block Along by Lori Holt that she posted this week. This is the Vintage Lily Block.
This is the Star Shine Block that finishes 20 inches. Here is the link to her blog for these blocks:

Lori's Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along starts tomorrow and I already have my templates, but I will be making mine out of scraps with Heat & Bond. The appliqué blocks look adorable and I love farmed themed quilts! 

I have a special delivery coming this week that I am really excited about and I am taking Tuesday off to get my teeth cleaned, my oil changed, some shopping, and hopefully some quilting. Have a great week!


  1. You've had a fabulous sewing week. The spools are colorful and happy, just like how quilting makes us feel.

  2. I though I spied some Bonnie and Camille in that pretty spools quilt! I love the round peg in a square hole batik - reminds me of myself! Your blocks are so well done! You have had a great sewing week! Yea!

  3. I like all your works in progress and finishes, and especially the heart on your spool quilt!!

  4. Gorgeous spool quilt! And I love that you have a block for the label all ready to go. I need to be better about planning like that. So excited to find out what the special delivery is...hmmm.

  5. Your Spools2 quilt is so happy looking! Love how you've worked out the quilting & binding with your friend. Match made in Heaven. All your other blocks looks good too. Keep on sewing!


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