Sunday, June 10, 2018

Spelling Bee Top

It is my summer vacation and despite the fact that I am still coughing and sniffling, I spent some quality time in my sewing room since my daughter went back to college on Wednesday. I have been diligently sewing along with the Spelling Bee Sew Along. I realized the only two blocks I was missing were the telephone and the typewriter, so I made them up. I had already worked ahead on the punctuation blocks.
 I went retro mint green with the telephone.
The typewriter has so many tiny pieces!
Here is another picture I snapped of all the blocks together this morning. It is windy and hot here, so my pictures did not come out great. I used a teal polka dot from my stash for the borders. I bought 10 yards of it from Connecting Threads for $2 a yard years ago. I may end up using it for the backing as well. I need to add all of my embroidery details--I prefer to embroider in the larger quilt instead of the individual blocks. I think I will have this one quilted with a simple overall design, so the focus stays on the blocks.
Since it is Sunday, I woke up and watched the French Open final and worked on binding this quilt for my friend and my Slow Sunday Stitching:
Her long arm quilting machine has arrived and is scheduled to be assembled this week! I anticipate some more bindings coming my way and some of my quilts going her way for quilting. I need to prep some backings, so I am ready!



  1. Your quilt came out amazing...great fabric choices!

  2. The border is perfect! I love the faux scallop shape. Glad you are feeling up to sewing again.

  3. Your Spelling Bee quilt is adorable! I really love the typewriter block, especially!

  4. Great work on the quilt top. I have enjoyed seeing the blocks along the way. It looks great.

  5. A bright and happy quilt. Congrats on getting it to the flimsy stage. And glad you're feeling better. Nothing worse than a summer cold using up vacation time.

  6. It always amazes me how much you get done with such a busy schedule / Kudos in regards to another fun finish!

  7. Such a beautiful quilt! This one is definitely on my list of quilts to make!

  8. oh wow, what an awesome quilt!!

    thanks so much for linking up!

  9. This quilt is darling! I always save my bindings for my bee group days. They think I only finish quilts LOL

  10. Spelling bee is so cute. Perhaps one day I will have a grandbaby and reason to make one. Don't you just love what heat and humidity does to a top while photographing? Its like a steam iron.

  11. Your Spelling Bee quilt top is so very cute! Great job!

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