Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sewing Along

This week for the Spelling Bee Sew Along--we are stitching the letter B! The letter B includes some of my favorite things: the Broncos, bees, biscotti, bagels, baskets, Bella--my dog, brunch, blogging, bean burritos, backgammon, buttons, etc. My grass green B blocks went together quickly and I already cut my C and D blocks!
Next, I was onto the Bee Happy Sew Along. These are my apples
and my cupcakes--I was thinking chocolate and caramel. They will get red buttons added as the cherries on top after the quilt is quilted.
Buttons will go on the basket handles too. I am always buying baskets for storage and gifts--you can never have too many right?
 My lemonade block needs some embroidery for the glass. 
I had Friday off and went to sew with my mom. I wanted something quick to work on, so I pulled out this B&C Bobbin Box kit. I got it all pieced together on Friday and quilted it this afternoon. I will add the binding and have a quick finish.
I was looking through some old pictures on my phone and found a picture from @cloverandviolet of a zipper pouch made with some B&C scraps. I pulled out my B&C scrap bag and made two log cabin blocks. The blue one will be for my secret pal this month at work and the red and aqua one will be for me. I am going to embroider my work friend's name on hers, but I am hand quilting mine with perle cotton for Slow Sunday Stitching:
tonight while the Broncos play the Giants.

I have tomorrow off too and will pin and quilt my secret project for the Fat Quarter Shop #fqsquiltalong It is so fabulous--I can't wait to share it with you all on November 3rd!



  1. Wow! What you can accomplish on a day off!

  2. A busy quilter is a happy quilter - and you certainly have been busy!!

  3. Lovely projects and lots of progress. Love the idea of the zipper bag with the scraps.

  4. Everything looks fantastic! Are you doing raw-edge applique? I am ;)

  5. Hope you enjoyed your slow stitching yesterday! Great projects on the go!

  6. I love your letter B's - so sorry about that Bronco game last might, though! Your other blocks are all so fun, too. Looks like you've been keeping busy!

  7. These blocks are SO cute, especially the cupcakes!

  8. How fun there's a spelling bee. I've been making free form letters on my own. Yours are charming with symbols representing each letter.

  9. I love your bobbin quilt. What is the name of the pattern? I would love to make one.

  10. Hi Tanya,
    Lots of great productive work! WOWEE! I love the quick quilt almost finish. Ooh, looking forward to a reveal on November 3rd - what is it, what is it?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Such fun blocks you're working on! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday

  12. I wish I'd joined the Spelling Bee Along--those letters are fantastic. Could you send the link? I can't join the bee, but maybe I can eventually work on a couple of letters. I like these the most of all the letter patterns I've seen.
    How many sew-along/bees do you handle? I can barely keep track on one! Those patches are too cute!


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