Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

 Happy Mother's Day 2017! My sweet daughter sent me my favorite sunflowers on Thursday. She is flying to Italy today for a 3 week extended study. They are studying Galileo and will visit Florence, Rome, and Venice for a week each. Not a bad way to end her freshman year, I think! 
 My mom and I celebrated by getting together yesterday to make pineapple quilts. We are using this free pattern:
We did decide to make our pineapple crowns a little taller than shown in the pattern.
 We got everything cut out and I managed to make 2 blocks. We also celebrated with our favorite Thai food from our local food truck. It was a lovely day!
I spent this morning binding the retirement quilt for my friend John, but I am not posting any pictures until he receives it on Wednesday. I have this quilt all ready for binding this evening as part of my Slow Sunday Stitching:

My countdown for summer is continuing with 8 days of school left. I will be gifting my personalized pencil pouches this week and packing up one of my three classrooms to move--not fun! Have a great week!


  1. Cute pineapples. You and your mom must have had a great day together.

  2. The sunflowers are gorgeous!
    And that was a lovely way to spend time with your mother. The pineapples look great.
    Keep counting down those days!!

  3. Your pineapples are so much fun! A whole quilt of them will be gorgeous! Good luck with the end of the year stuff, especially moving your classroom. I only had to do that once in my career, but I imagine specialists get moved around a lot!

  4. What a wonderful mother's day! Eight more days................I'm sooooooooo jealous! We have to make up for our winter am in school until June 9th!!!!!

  5. I love those pineapples -- thanks for the link! I don't really need the pattern, but it is nice to give proper credit if I make them!

  6. It sounds like a perfectly lovely day - sewing with Mom and eating food someone else prepared. :) Those pineapple blocks are super cute! Thanks for sharing the link. I think I need to make some. Thanks for linking to MCM!

  7. Lovely pineapple blocks!
    Hope you enjoyed your binding!

  8. Those blocks are so cute! Your daughter must be having a blast ! :)


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