Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shopping & Stitching

Happy Sunday! I have to say Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week--I get up earlyish 7:30am and go straight to Walmart and the grocery store and shop while everyone is either at church or still in bed. I am usually home by 9am with the whole day ahead. We have a new antique mall/shabby chic store in our town. My friend Cece is running it, so of course I paid her a visit. I bought this darling vintage tool box. It is metal and is painted flat white with some patina showing through.
I bought it with the plan of carting my handwork around the house in it. My hubby is an OCD neat freak and he really likes everything tidy throughout the house, so I figured this would be easy to just shove everything into and drop it back in my sewing room--out of sight when not being used. I have been more obsessed with handwork since I bought it! I love how my favorite Bonnie and Camille  pin cushion fits inside along with everything else I need at my fingertips.
I have several quilts that I needed backings for and hit an amazing sale at Joann's yesterday. All of the clearance fabric was 50% off what it was marked. I got these pieces--they are all designer prints and were originally $13 a yard, but I paid $3.50 a yard. I am a frugal quilter, so I could not pass up these bargains! There were more pieces I could have bought, but all of these have specific projects in mind.
Fall is in the air here and I have continued to embroider this fall piece and hope to finish it up this week!
Since I finished my Love Blooms Here Quilt, I allowed myself to start a new wool felt project. Jenifer Gaston has a Primitive Stitchin' group on Facebook and she is doing a stitch along each week with nine blocks planned. The blocks will finish 6 inches, so it won't be too big. I decided to join in, but use more modern colors than all my primitive wool felt projects. I have this block
and this one all prepped for stitching. I also have Buttermilk Basin's BOM from last year ready to pin for hand quilting.  Check out other inspirational handwork here


  1. I had in mind to find a vintage wood tool box similar to the metal one you found but never did purchase one. Good find!

  2. That's a great stitcher's toolbox to cart around your tools in!
    You sure did score some great deals for backings!!

  3. I have a toolbox purchased at some country-decor place years ago. First we had little toys in it then the next season I put dried hydrangeas in it for a display on top of the piano and my little grandson had a fit in regards to what I did with 'his' box! :) I think I have magazines or quilt books in it now but that's a great idea of yours !

  4. I love that sunflower quilt in the background of the first photo, Tanya! Do you have a larger photo of it somewhere else?

    Looks like you have lots going on!

  5. A great find and a great idea.

  6. I love the quilt in the background in the first picture! For your wool applique, did you run the herringbone wool through the washer-dryer to make it more stable and less likely to fray? Curious.

  7. Sounds like you really make the most of your Sundays. Love the tool box idea.
    Great deals with the fabrics.
    The wool blocks are lovely!

  8. You scored some awesome deals at Joanne's--I knew I should have stopped there when I was in town--rats!! Your wooly blocks are going to be adorable--happy stitchin'!!

  9. You made out like a bandit on your shopping trip.

    Your projects look nice.

  10. I sure wish I could find deals on larger pieces of fabric like that at my Joann's. It would be so nice to have pieces like that in my stash for quilt backs. Love your tool box for stitching, too!


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