Monday, September 14, 2015

Purplicious Finishes

  At the end of August, we received a gigantic queen sized quilt top and 36 extra blocks from Nancy aka The quilts are the Texas Two Step pattern from Atkinson Designs. I split up the queen sized top and used the extra blocks and got three tops out of them. I apologize because my pictures are not great because we were trying to get them taken quickly before it started raining. I also did not get specific dimensions, but they are all bigger than 60 inches square.
My mom found a perfect dark purple and used it for the binding and backing of this one. This one is quilted with fluffy looking clouds.
 This one has a gorgeous teal binding and 
 a turquoise and teal backing.
 It is quilted with variegated thread in a clam shell design.
 The last of the three was a little smaller, so we added a green with aqua large polka dot border.
The same polka dot was used for the backing and binding. This one was quilted with clam shells as well. They will make lovely, snuggly lap quilts for the nursing home resident. Thank you so much Pug Mom for the generous donation!
 When I got home from my mom's this afternoon, there was another box waiting for me with tow quilt tops. They came from Johanna in Durham, North Carolina (no blog). She donated this bright and happy top
and this scrappy braid top. They are both gigantic--much bigger than my 5 foot 10 inch hubby could hold for me. I did not have time to hang them on the fence for pictures because my dad was already on his way over to my house to pick them up for quilting! Thank you so much Johanna for the donation!

I have had some inquiries about how we are doing with the charity quilt drive. My mom has 65 quilts completed, 2 more on the way, and several more tops including these 2 that arrived today to quilt. There are currently 72 nursing home residents, so we are getting very close to reaching the goal. We are planning on having several extras as the number of residents can fluctuate. Thank you all for your donations and encouragement!


  1. What you are doing is wonderful! My Dad was in a nursing home for a few years before he passed and he loved when my sister sent him a new quilt. You are right - these are definitely purplelicious finishes!! So yummy! Thanks so much for linking up to Main Crush Monday - I really appreciate it. :)

  2. awww, so pretty. I am so glad she is getting to her goal. I got a lovely card from her too. Thank you. :)

  3. I am so glad that you could use my top for your charity project. And you and your Mom made three lap quilts from it, each is prettier than the next! Your Mom wrote me the sweetest thank you note too.
    Much love, pugs and kisses,

  4. Those are wonderful donations, Tanya. I am so happy to see that you are so close to meeting the goal.

  5. There are some wonderful donations coming in and you are making great use of them. You are so close to your goal. Well done!!


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