Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 Quilty Little Secrets

Ok so this is going around in blog land and they are kind of funny. 
Here are my 10 Quilty Little Secrets:

1. I love to use steam when I iron! The more steam and heat the better. I mean I want enough steam in my face that it brings my blackheads to the surface and  I never iron clothes only fabric.

2. I do not like to appliqué and refer to it as the "A word."

3. I have never even tried Aurifil thread. It is too expensive for my budget. I am a huge fan of thread from Connecting Threads and buy it even from them when it is on sale. (I am frugal!)

4. I never ever prewash fabrics even red.

5. I cannot stand paper piecing! I always mess them up.

6.  The only hand quilting I do is big, primitive stitches with perle cotton.

7. I never read through all the directions on a pattern first--this is a big, horrible confession because I am teacher and always tell my students to read all the directions first. Don't tell on me!

8. I have never been on Facebook because of privacy issues, but I guess many of my baby quilts are on there. I make baby quilts for pretty much any pregnant employee at all of my three schools and they are compared and shared on Facebook! One of my coworkers showed me yesterday.

9. I hate to use my mom's long arm, but I feel guilty when she quilts for me.

10.  I have to use reading glasses to thread my needles on my sewing machine and for handwork (this only started at the beginning of summer and I hate it!).

I believe this idea started here It was fun to read some others including

Think about it and share yours!


  1. Oh wow. They are funny. I can relate to sew many of them. Haha...
    Happy stitching

  2. I love number 9. That's a woman for you. Stop feeling guilty!

  3. Wow...we really have some of these habits in common!! Especially the reading glasses started for me this summer too:-(
    Great post!

  4. I love steam too! A dry iron just doesn't cut it. I don't pre-wash my fabric either. For me it creates too much work and what if you want to cut into it as soon as you buy it?

    1. I've never steam ironed my quilts before, I iron the material I just use steam. Does it not mess up your fabric when you don't wash it? I'm scared to Not wash it because I don't want to ruin my quilt after I've spent all that time & money on it.

  5. wow.. i have some common little secrets too...i think we all quilters think alike!!!

  6. Steam, yes! Big stitches, yes! Not reading a pattern, yes! And then even changing it up some. tee hee. And yup, wearing glasses. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good list. I hate paper piecing too. What a waste of fabric.

  8. I also am guilty of number 7. I work in textbook publishing and write instructions, so I also see the irony.

  9. Thank you for #10. It's good to know I am not alone

  10. Number 1 and number 10 would be on my list too - damn glasses I hate the things!

  11. I love steam and I almost had a ER visit last week, how I don't know but steamed my hand instead of the fabric. With you on #10

  12. oh my, don't get me started on paper piecing. Eeek!

  13. Yet a few more things we have in common: I've never been on Facebook and never read the directions all the way through...and probably will never start paper piecing as it looks way too detailed! Though I admire the work of many who do!


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